The Magic’s Gone with the Fantastic Four, A Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


It’s a foregone conclusion to know that the Fantastic Four 2015 movie is going to fail. Reboot, remake or reimaging … the reality here is that there was interference while this movie was being crafted. The responsibility of a movie’s success or failure can include how strongly the studio’s executive producers want something in the film instead of the director. When they do not understand the world of comic book fandom, they should not get involved. When a few people have been involved in other works, there’s hope.

Writer/Director Josh Trank‘s one hit wonder, Chronicle, does not mean he should handle a keystone Marvel property like Fantastic Four. After a lamentable X-Men: The Last Stand, writer Simon Kinberg took a long time to prove himself to fans with his work in the very enjoyable animated television series Star Wars Rebels and well made X-Men: Days of Future Past. Jeremy Slater, the third member of the writing team, does not have enough cred to say if he’s even at fault here. To wonder if these three shared the chores of crafting this film equally or they worked independently in certain segments only reveals a muddled product that is not helping these new four heroes any. As far as some producers are concerned, it’s all about the financial gains a franchise can offer over a film by fans for fans. Where’s Joss Whedon when we need him?

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ECCC ’14: Special Guest Mark Bagley Announced!

ecccLogoComic artist Mark Bagley was announced as a special guest by Emerald City Comic Con. Bagley is tentatively scheduled to appear at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle from March 28 – 30, 2014.

Bagley’s artwork has appeared in both Marvel and DC titles. His credits include Justice League of America, Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, New Warriors, Thunderbolts and Trinity. He is currently penciling Fantastic Four.

For the official Emerald City Comic Con 2014 website, click here.