Digging in Deep with The Ghosts of Cybertron Past

As for how the Ghostbusters will deal with finding the sparks of those Cybertronians lost and restoring them in Ghosts of Cybertron, this tale has me wondering if Burnham has the mythos established from Beast Wars and Transformers Prime in mind to wrap the tale up.

Transformers Ghostbusters Ghosts of Cybertron Comic Book Cover* Spoiler Alert

When I heard two beloved 80s franchises—Transformers and Ghostbusters—are crossing over, I had to contain my excitement. I thought about the movie where Starscream died and the G1 episodes “Starscream’s Ghost and Ghost in the Machine. His spirit never moved on; it haunted the tomb where his remains lay and later possessed the Decepticon Octane. Although IDW’s crossover with The Ghosts of Cybertron doesn’t address this continuity, I had hoped we’d get some rhetoric where spirits can possess any Transformer and just why he never took advantage is because of his limited thinking.

It’s a shame across even in Beast Wars, where his spark returns, this Decepticon never gets his just reward. Just why Starscream’s spirit stayed in this world has never been addressed. Those Transformers who ‘died’ in the movie never returned, and yet, throughout the animated series, he’s never moved on.

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