Craig Charles Has 10 UFO Conspiracies. Truth or Fiction? Series in Review and Episode Guide

Craig Charles of Red Dwarf fame joins forces with astrophysicist and journalist Sarah Cruddas to look at UFO Conspiracies, past and present.

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Craig Charles (Lister from Red Dwarf) wants to believe, but he can’t do it alone in UFO Conspiracies. There’s some humour involved in this investigative television show on Sky. He joins forces with astrophysicist and journalist Sarah Cruddas to look at various cases, past and present. What’s presented only reminds longtime ufologists about those cases of ongoing debate.

These two work in a makeshift office and don’t have field agents to report in. Instead, what this show offers is something akin to Fact or Faked. Maybe they’re in this bungalow because they fear the Men in Black are coming. The fact it’s “undisclosed” says something. Video cameras are everywhere, and they can be hacked into when they are computer networked machines. In the way this series is filmed, I suspect it’s partly scripted.

I admire the later episodes when the two hosts put together the puzzle pieces. It’s rare to find any paranormal reality programming that’s similar to Beyond the Series. Their investigation into the Phoenix Lights is perhaps the best, since it offers material I do not recall presented elsewhere. To my knowledge, not even Ancient Aliens went into the depth as they did concerning who had seen these UAPs up close.

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Another episode in UFO Conspiracies concerns Stephenville, Texas, and the other close encounters. Craig and Sarah get the idea it may fall back to what the USS Nimetz tracked from 2014 to 2019. They also discuss what the USS Omaha found with “Sphere.” Maybe the craft may be the same as what the residents of that Texan town encountered.

The series is enjoyable because the former lost in space actor looks invested. That is, he’s putting on a very serious face when it comes to accepting if what’s happened is indeed real. But sometimes, what’s happened doesn’t have the trail needed to get to the truth, and where it leads is nothing but what can be recalled decades later. When he’s executive producer, he’s able to nudge his show, UFO Conspiracies, into the direction it needs so we’re not laughing at what’s offered.

I don’t think this ten episode series is just a one-off. I’m hoping for another season since there’s a lot more to explore.

And when he puts on his trademark charm and snigger, a thought does cross my mind. Some viewers of UFO Conspiracies may say he’s simply pulling a rug under us. Long time fans will remember his role in BBC’s Ghostwatch; Although this mockumentary duped an entire nation, it left viewers polarised in what a pleasant reality TV program must do.

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  1. Johnathan Cahn did say 2020 would be a pivotal year, a snippet below on his book;
    The christian seer Jonathan Cahn ( Harbinger 2) shows how what happened in the past is linked to the future. Hudson founded Manhattan on 9/11/1609 , they started building the Pentagon on 9/11/1941 and America’s enemies brought the twin towers down on 9/11/2001. Three thousand years ago the chosen Jewish people had their fortification destroyed by their enemies and on re-building quoted the exact same words from Isiah that were used at ground zero. Nineteen years after the destruction came the plague as a shaking from above, Covid19 has arrived in similar fashion.
    I witnessed with a work colleague a UFO hovering over a chemical plant in Manchester at 5.50am one clear July morning in 1999, i was going to work in Trafford Park on my pushbike when i heard the sound of the nearby chemical plants emergency hooter going off, when i looked over from the road there was this craft hovering over the chemical pipelines, i was quickly joined by a colleague who was also cycling to work. It was very quiet at that time and the only noise was that of the hooter, there was no noise from the craft, it was as if they had parked up mid air and put the hand brake on. It was not of this world, it made us both late for our 6am shift in the factory where i was temping at the time, so i became a believer that we were being visited by extraterrestrials, i had gone to a talk in 1994 about the Suffolk UFO given by the Col. Charles Holt the former deputy base commander of the Usa military facility there and watched a few programmes on the subject previously. It was only as a christian catholic believer that in Feburary 2016 i came across the fact that Jesus & Mary and some of the saints had appeared to the visionary Veronica at Bayside USA (1970-94) amongst other things they told her about what would happen in the end times we are now living through was that it was Satan & his cohorts who were flying these various craft around the world in order to trick mankind into believing we were being visited by alien races that don’t exist. When the christian Rapture takes place which i believe will be some time this decade news media will report to those left behind that a mass alien abduction has occurred in order to mask the divine event (more fake news), this will herald in the 7 year Tribulation period ie, when Jesus releases the 4 horsemen, the war will be started by the combined forces of Russia/China & New York is hit by a comet, for more on this go to the shrine website and look under Directives for the subject. Their appearances at Bayside were authenticated by the many miracles performed there, although the church will never officially recognise it, they did say there that Satan had entered the church now at its highest level as part of the ongoing spiritual war, the last authentic pope was Benedict.

    When the UFO & Consciousness show came to Manchester in 2017 it took place across the road from where i had witnessed the UFO in 1999, given my own faith journey i don’t believe this was a coincidence. They promote the idea at the show that we are being visited by alien races and some of the conspiracy theories surrounding this. There are and have been many documentaries on the tv on the subject which also promote this idea.
    I had a letter published in the local secular press on the subject in 2018 on the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    So that was my mystery explained, Satan & his cohorts are supernatural beings thats why the bible tells us we are not up against mere flesh & blood but powers & principalities. Thats why the christian has prayer/fasting etc in their spiritual armoury, which is effective against his activities.

    Regards John

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