SEGA’s Radiant Silvergun Stalled, but Will Rail On Soon on the Nintendo Switch

One Sega Saturn’s most popular game is Radiant Silvergun, and it’s been reimagined for the Nintendo Switch!

Radiant SilvergunOne of the best SEGA Saturn games of yesteryears was Radiant Silvergun, and it’s been updated for the Nintendo Switch! Fans of this Japanese shooter also have a chance to try this game out at the 2022 Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall Happinet Booth: Hall 3-N03 this weekend, when the event is open to the public.

This update is currently available in certain territories, and it should re-emerge in the North American eStore when a few nagging bugs get squashed. That is, Nintendolife reported this release was pulled hours after for undisclosed reasons, and they suspect it was due to sync issues. (Sept 21 update: turns out the problem was with the game rating, and it’s back at the eShop).

Once issues are resolved, players can start blasting away in this shoot ’em up. Players start with three primary weapons–a forward blaster, homing missiles and a spreader–and can upgrade them they have to face waves of different enemies. Advancing isn’t easy, as each foe has its own unique strategy, and players have to adapt.

What makes this battle cool is that in the classic version, there’s also a sword to swing around! And as players progress through the levels, there are upgrades, additional weapons, to destroy enemies with.

Radiant Silvergun

Like other arcade blasters, a chain bonus is offered when players are able to defeat the same type of opponents repeatedly, and a secret bonus when specific enemies are defeated in a specific order. The more you play, the more interesting the game becomes.

Internationally acclaimed composer Hitoshi Sakimoto provides some modern music, and in this update, we have a story to go along with the action.

Radiant Silvergun

Radiant Silvergun Story:

July 14, 2520 AD. A “stone-like object” excavated from the strata of B.C. enveloped the earth with the light it emitted, destroying the human race. Four crew members of the space cruiser “Tetra” and one robonoid were left behind and barely evacuated to satellite orbit…

One year later. The TETRA, which had been waiting for its chance from orbit, finally runs out of supplies and is forced to re-enter the atmosphere, and the battle for human survival begins.


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