Greywood’s Plot, An Early Halloween Style Trick or Treat!

Ultimately, Greywood’s Plot is about freeing that personality hiding within. And as for what Greywood does, well, that’d be telling.

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Some nightmare scenarios come from not waking up to smell the roses. And in Josh Stifter‘s movie, Greywood’s Plot, Dom (played by this filmmaker) has to deal with facing his problems head on. He’s a bookworm and wannabe cryptozoologist who podcasts out of his parent’s basement. Despite efforts from his mom to get him out to learn about the world, it seems he’s done nothing fruitful.

Technically, he’s the hero of the story, and the way he treats Miles (Keith Kadichel) makes up part of the tale. After receiving a mysterious videotape confirming there are creatures skirting around his neck of the woods, Dom drags his pal along, and they nearly have a fight. Their friendship is in jeopardy, and when they split up, it’s safe to say, “ut-oh. This won’t go well.”

They’re lost in the woods of some remote part of Minnesota, in a search for answers to life, universe, and everything.

The reason Dom is lauded is that he believes American versions of many famous cryptids exist. I had to laugh out loud when he said the Banshee exists. Getting respect in this community is tough. And dealing with trolls is the least of his worries. He finally does something about it and is on a real hunt for proof.

Sadly, where he goes is dangerous. When he intrudes on Doug Greywood’s (Daniel Degnan) private domain, he better be prepared for anything. The secrets hidden in them thar hills show the duo are not qualified to handle it. This individual is the glue that keeps interest in the film from waning. Plus, there’s also a very cool cover of House of the Rising Sun by Bryan McDonald, which I had to see used in full in the movie than the trailer (see below).

And what happens transitions from a dark drama to full-blown terror. This film draws from various sources for inspiration. I could identify bits which include Tusk (where a similar scenario unfolds), and Nightbreed. Ultimately, Greywood’s Plot is about freeing that personality hiding within. And as for what Greywood does, well, that’d be telling.

Although this movie’s tiny budget holds this film back, I can’t say what’s presented hurts the film. It’s a sophomore product from talents just starting out in this trade. The finale, where things get dark and bloody, shows the most promise for those who love blood and guts. It’s an early Halloween treat that I’m sure fans of the Saw franchise will most likely appreciate.

3 Stars out of 5

Greywood’s Plot Trailer

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