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Sorry, Carl. Everyone wants to do Kung Fu Kickball, because it’s likely to be fast and fought with expert timing!

This 2D sports platform retro-style fighter features many traditional characters playing ball. From Boxers to Monkey King to Panda and Sifu Masters (to name a few), the look is crazy, and concept engaging. It borrows from many kids anime, especially Dragonball, and how can anyone not want to, in the game, legally knock your opponent down? They’ll stand back up in due time, but in this game, it’s all about ringing the bell to score one for the team.

The music is fun, and the only downside with this game is that while up to four players are supported, there can only be two opposing teams. Even in solo mode, the AI is reasonable enough to let players progress and the game allows you to set the difficulty for the uninitiated.

This game is now available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as PC and Mac via Steam and the Mac App Store. It’s high-stake competitive action today with full crossplay support and this integration is no doubt going to be important for its longevity in a scene where sports games come and go like an NHL season.

From the Press Release:

Sprint across the arena to unleash fierce martial art moves on anyone standing in the way. Take control of the best of the best, selecting from five martial sages, each specializing in their very own Ball Jutsu. Charge, block, and headbutt the orb objective as well as other challengers throughout six distinct stages to score.

Learn the way of KungFu Kicking legends with a comprehensive training mode before competing in 1v1 and 2v2; local or online multiplayer matches against all players on every major gaming platform. Score with simple three button controls, creating easy combos for novices, but with master level strategies to outsmart opponents for competitors desiring depth.

“We have officially kicked off KungFu Kickball to all consoles, PCs, and Macs with full crossplay,” said Ben Lee, co-founder, Blowfish Studios. “Making sure everyone could compete with each other was a big priority for us, and our team is thrilled to see what the scoreboard will look like once the kicks start flying!”

KungFu Kickball is now available for $19.99 / £12.99 / €15.99 on all major platforms with full crossplay support featuring language support for English, French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

About WhaleFood Games

WhaleFood Games is a Brooklyn-based independent developer founded bydesigner Jonah Wallerstein, who aims to create fun games that are easy to learn but difficult to master. 

For more on WhaleFood Games, check out the studio’s website.

About Blowfish Studios

Blowfish Studios is an award-winning game developer and publisher based in Sydney, Australia. The studio strives to release original multi-platform games, while also collaborating with developers from around the world. As developers first, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any partnership. The studio provides development services to get the game release ready, porting to all major platforms, platform approval, marketing, and promotion to the world. Blowfish Studios is a part of Animoca Brands gaming focused endeavors.

To learn more about Blowfish Studios please visit the team’s website as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands, ranked in the Financial Times list of High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021, is a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. Animoca Brands develops and publishes a broad portfolio of products including the REVV token and SAND token; original games including The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes; and products utilizing popular intellectual properties including Formula 1®, Marvel, WWE, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, and Doraemon. Animoca Brands’ portfolio of blockchain investments and partnerships includes Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity), Dapper Labs (CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot), OpenSea, Harmony, Bitski, and Alien Worlds. Its subsidiaries include The Sandbox, Blowfish Studios, Quidd, Gamee, nWay, Pixowl, Bondly, and Lympo.

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