Rock on FAKY! On the Release of the Music Video Futakoito.

Japanese girl-group FAKY has a Futakoito Music Video!


Japanese girl group FAKY’s latest single, “Futakoito,” was released, and Vocaloid producer Aqu3ra couldn’t be happier. This visually gorgeous and poetic piece blends a few music styles together into a symphonic treat. Although no translation was made available at time of release, hopefully this can change in the coming weeks–or fans can wait for the release of Ox-Head Village, an upcoming horror movie by ‘Ju-On’ creator Takashi Shimizu. 

This filmmaker released a statement about the music video. “The lyrics in this song about ‘another me (myself)’ are indeed the hidden theme of this movie. In an era where social media allows any of us to become someone else, can the two sides of the ego coexist? Will you struggle and be sucked in? Can you hold on to the essence of yourself?”

“Thank you Aqu3ra for putting together the pieces of this movie. And thank you FAKY for collaborating with me once again!”

About Aqu3ra

This up-and-coming young Vocaloid producer is continuing to gain attention as his music gets noticed. To date, he has eight smash-hit songs on Japanese video-sharing site Niconico, and ‘Futakoito’ is new for him. He’s taking FAKY’s pop style sound to new levels. 

“I sent FAKY a demo of the song with guide vocals sung by Hatsune Miku Vocaloid. I was so excited when they returned a version to me that glowed with their unique singing style. I hope you will listen to this song, which begins with a profound atmosphere drenched in emotion from the members of FAKY, before introducing refreshing harmonies in the chorus. I think the song shows a new side to FAKY while maintaining their strong identity. Please enjoy it.”

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  1. When I saw the version of the song that FAKY sent back to me, I was amazed. Their unique singing style added a new depth and emotion to the song that I hadn’t expected. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this song, which starts off with a powerful atmosphere created by the members of FAKY, before transitioning into refreshing harm

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