Arr! The Masters of Spinjitzu are Seabound Ho!

There’s no denying mothers will be mothers, and the siblings will have to deal. The tale takes on a familiar tone when they find a deserted underwater temple and a cryptic prophecy. Everything points to Wojira…

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Nya’s powers are going haywire in LEGO Ninjago. They’re the Masters of Spinjitzu after all, and this year’s set of episodes dropped this moniker in favour of streamlining the series. This latest chapter, titled Seabound, reimagines the team as proper Avengers level heroes. They’re always going after villains somewhere in this continent. They’ve all upped their game and when considering this chapter takes place after The Island, certain threats are bound to return, namely Wojira!

Sensei Wu reintroduces this creature in “A Big Splash.” This titan is of the serpentine class and they have been regular foes in this series. This newest member ranks right up there with The Great Devourer in terms of power, and I’m sure the list doesn’t end there. Fire Fang and the Anacondrai serpent proved to be tough adversaries for Lloyd and the gang. I would not be surprised if they’ve lived a long life, and helped shape this universe in one way or another. Wojira might even have more relatives. She’s blamed for affecting Nya’s ability to control the water element than the Vengestone–this universe’s version of Kryptonite–Miss Demeanor stole. I think it’s a combination of both. The others have been Ninjas longer and faced more threats which rarely affected their powers whereas Nya is still ‘new.’

But as Wu explained, the water element was never the First Spinjitzu Master’s power to command. Wojira owned it. The mortal helped tame these forces and used their energies to forge the realm to what it is now. Of all the races that appeared first included the Anacondrai, one of five tribes, and they were the most feared. The Keepers of the Amulet from The Island are just as old, and they know nearly any serpent are a threat. They were entrusted to keep the storm amulet safe; it is one of two jewels Wojira wore when she was at her mightiest. The loss of these crystals keeps this serpentine at rest. 

The team knows of this mythology, but have put knowledge in the back of their head. They’re out to “Enter the Sea” to investigate what’s causing Nya’s powers to malfunction. In no time, they meet mermaids and pirates, and we soon learn the Merlopians are the keepers of the second stone. There’e even a splinter group led by Kalmaar who want to awaken Wojira. His reasons are not fully revealed, and I’m guessing this merfolk was exiled and he wants revenge. Next week’s episodes, “The Wrath of Kalmaar” and “Long Live the King” will certainly say more as this series thankfully is not riffing off Pirates of the Caribbean.

Zane’s attempt to be a pirate as the team venture deeper into the ocean blue is mildly entertaining, and it’s safe to say he’ll resume being the Ice Ninja in no time. It’s tough to top his gumshoe role from the Prime Empire season and I’m glad this branch of humour is not overdone. 

Instead, Kai and Nya’s parents, Ray and Maya, finally get the screen time to show where their relationship is now. Mom is finally being a mother, and Nya just can’t handle it. She’s been very independent ever since they disappeared a long time ago. Strangely, this narrative arc was never properly looked at in Season Seven, “The Hands of Time,” when they were rescued from prison. After seeing how well their kids have grown, the elders are off to see the world. They barely reconnected, as this latest season attempts to resolve this issue hardcore.

Maya tags along on their latest effort. There’s no denying mothers will be mothers, and the siblings will have to deal. The tale takes on a familiar tone when they find a deserted underwater temple and a cryptic prophecy. Everything points to Wojira and as for when she’ll appear won’t be for another couple of episodes–or until the next chapter.

“The Escape from Merlopia” and “The Tale of Benthomaar” will air soon, and I can’t wait to see these episodes. They’ll give more background material about this ocean kingdom the gang are entrenched in. I have the sinking feeling they’ll get a lot more than they bargained for. Ten episodes are confirmed for this latest arc, and I suspect it may run for twelve or fourteen episodes. The next act is still unannounced and I’m hopeful this season will see Nya have even more control of her powers much like Cole did in Master the Mountain. It’ll be needed when they face Wojira!

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4 thoughts on “Arr! The Masters of Spinjitzu are Seabound Ho!”

  1. You sure about that connection between Wojira and the three snakes? I haven’t heard anything else about it.

    1. Not 100% sure, but it’s my theory. Wojira and The Great Devourer are worshipped by local tribes. Those two are of similar ilk as god-like figures. Honestly, it’d be Fire Fang who’d be the odd reptile out since he’s not a divine figure. The Anacondrai were created by the First Ninjitzu Master so they aren’t necessary “titans” but were one of the first civilizations to spring into being.

      1. Seems like a point you might want to clarify; when I first read it I thought you were saying that the episodes had stated that this was the case. I also thought that by “Anacondrai” you met Clouse’s pet from season four.

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