We Want to Believe’s The Doll House and Where No Man Has Gone Before

In this episode of We Want to Believe, the team investigates The Doll House and esplores where no man has gone before.

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From Annabelle to Chucky to Robert the doll, the producers in the horror film industry loves them! Add a patina to an old figure, and somehow, they just become creepier. I’m ready to walk the other way. As for answering the question if they are truly haunted, I imagine Joblo.com‘s latest instalment of We Want to Believe will get to a solution in part two of the Doll House Investigation, due out in early December.

The episode gets to show Peter Renn talking about his years of investigating one particular manor, Baillie House. The heritage society owns this property and allows groups to come in to document the strange goings on.

Perhaps it’s all due to the stray electromagnetic fields that flit about, causing sensory aberrations. He goes into great detail about what this all means. It’s not concrete proof of a spiritual manifestation. My own hypothesis includes how Star Trek has interpreted this energy throughout different series. In TOS, “Obsession” featured a gaseous and sentient form of life who fed upon the living. “Lights of Zetar” showed existence after death was possible. The collective souls from an exploded world sought a body to inhabit. “Metamorphosis” proves not every force is hostile, and just wants continued existence. The best episode is “Return to Tomorrow,” where the consciousness of an alien species asked Captain Kirk and crew for help. Although one of the three entities wasn’t amiable to occupying a primitive android body, these facts show that science fiction, fantasy and horror are related far more than we realize.

In Star Trek: Picard, this admiral is truly showing how far a man can boldly go. He died and his neural energy was transferred into a biomechanical body in his own likeness.


In the latest We Want to Believe episode, I surmise the spirits find the only thing around they could theoretically occupy are the various dolls–in theory humanoid bodies–laying about. No fancy tech is needed to get them moving. All they need is pure strength of mind–telekinesis. Whether it’s the mansion that’s alive or the figures these entities are occupying, if they’re cognizant, we’re still uncertain. This take goes nowhere near Full Moon Features Puppet Master territory!

This latest offering is more fulfilling since Peter is providing food for thought for those theologians to postulate what is living energy, why we sometimes hear disembodied voices, and how they are occupying inanimate figures like dolls. Part two is going to be far more intriguing when it airs. I suspect Renn might be ready to become the next Peter Underwood. He doesn’t have answers, but plenty of documentation to which he may well want to tackle cases similar to revealing Dorian Gray’s true self. Yes, some say paintings have a life of their own too.

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