Jumping the Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

Despite the various highs and lows, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind is not destined to sink or swim in the world of B-Moviedom.

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Admittedly, the movie poster for Shark Encounters of the Third Kind is slick. The title will even nap the attention of many a B movie enthusiast, and Stephen Spielberg may well just simply shrug and laugh along to this shlock produced/directed by Mark Polonia and from a script by John Oak Dalton. It’s campy as all hell. Had it been given the budget of a Michael Bay film, I’m sure what’s realized in concept art can look far nicer.

Instead, this filmmaker’s shark fueled resume tells all. Previous works include Land Shark, Sharkenstein and Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast (short Video). instead of realism, he goes for foam latex and Georges Méliès attempts at cinematic special effects. Back then, they would impress, but today, the work is laughable at best.

Surprisingly, the best bit is with the orchestration. The techno mix does a better job at keeping my attention than the acting, and I’m sure the production team was going for a Mars Attacks vibe. A cineaste would ack, ack at the attempts.

Despite the various highs and lows, this film is not destined to sink. Davy Jones may shudder at the thought of invaders from space invading his locker, but at least SpongeBob SquarePants can come to love the silly looking martians. In fact, they may well run upon hearing his laugh and never consider invading this planet ever again!

No rating given. Just turn your brain off and assume you’ll survive this assault.

Author: Ed Sum

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