Transformers Prime: Galvatron’s Revenge Rolls Out with a Teaser

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Transformers Prime Galvatron's Revenge Teaser Movie PosterAlthough Transformers Prime: Galvatron’s Revenge is a failed Kickstarter project from 2015, props has to go to the team still working on bringing this fan film to life. They are making it as a labour of love. On TFW2005’s message boards, the hope is to bring this one-off movie in 2017. The modelling for all the main characters are done, test animations made and render of the introduction sequence posted on YouTube (see below). What’s presented feels more like 1.5

The pacing follows in the style created in the original product, and all it needs is further finessing. Add some more phong shading, patina and some battle scars to these mechs, and this product can roll out.

In what this product is intended to deliver is a continuation of the battle for Cybertron. There are still some Decepticon loyalists and pockets of resistance that Optimus Prime and his team have to deal with. The story immediately takes place right after the events of Predacons Rising, and the producers will be introducing new characters from the G1 universe to Prime. For example, Springer and Rodimus will work for the Autobots and their origins will be updated for this new universe. Also arriving will be the Combaticons returning to the planet. They are mercenaries hand-picked by Megatron to take down the Wreckers. The Destructicons are a warrior-class of robots created by Unicron and very little is mentioned in the Kickstarter promo video about what their intention is; in the G1 universe, this subgroup of soldiers were never fully defined. Along with Megatron, Blitzwing, Bombshell, Long Haul and Ravage belonged to this gang.

Transformers Prime Galvatron's Revenge Teaser

Carlos Barrantes of Prime Animations is leading this team of artists and filmmakers from around the world. They hold regular virtual meetings to look at the ongoing visual development of the film and fine-tune the story as they go along. Their commitment really must be noted, and as for who will provide the voices, none of the original talent seems to be on board. Audio recording has been done, but it’s possible to replace any character’s voice in ADR (automated dialogue replacement) should this team decide to begin a new crowdfunding campaign to raise the bar.

It would be awesome if Peter Cullen, Will Friedle, Frank Welker, Sumalee Montano and Kevin Michael Richardson (among many others) could reprise their roles, but for a fan film, the likelihood is slim to none. Unlike Star Trek fan projects, the size of the fandom varies even though the technical talent can be found for any movie, including Battlestar Galactica, to be made into an independent project.

To note, this project is not endorsed by Hasbro, and nor does this team intend to sell any product. No toys, as much as some fans would like to see, will be put to market.

I’m personally wondering how IDW’s material, Rage of the Dinobots and Beast Hunters, will fit in since this project was being developed at the same time the comics was coming out. No continuity will ever be perfect.

To follow the latest talk about this project, please visit’s message boards. They are also on Facebook too. Here, they have mentioned they are on GoFundMe with no end date in hopes to get this project finished. Now that’s commitment!

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  1. I love transformers slot, I’m so happy theirs going to be a sequel,this is going to be good,sad Hasbro’s isn’t helping but at least my favorite show is coming back.😂😂😂😂😂🎆🎇🎋🎉

  2. Will optimus prime be back nd take charge,or ir ultra Magnus 8s the new prime

  3. I’m dying to see whole of this
    Please bring prime in the film too

  4. I like this new siries “Transformers prime: Galvatron revenge”.What is the release date…?? I am still waiting..!

  5. Wow! I’m a huge fan of Transformers: Prime, but I never even heard about this project!

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