Transformers Prime: Galvatron’s Revenge Rolls Out with a Teaser

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Transformers Prime Galvatron's Revenge Teaser Movie PosterAlthough Transformers Prime: Galvatron’s Revenge is a failed Kickstarter project from 2015, props has to go to the team still working on bringing this fan film to life. They are making it as a labour of love. On TFW2005’s message boards, the hope is to bring this one-off movie in 2017. The modelling for all the main characters are done, test animations made and render of the introduction sequence posted on YouTube (see below). What’s presented feels more like 1.5

The pacing follows in the style created in the original product, and all it needs is further finessing. Add some more phong shading, patina and some battle scars to these mechs, and this product can roll out.

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