The Vintage Tempest’s Top Animated Picks of 2016

1 Jan

moana-disney-still-newMoana (November 23)

Disney may be looking to replace their Lilo & Stitch property with Moana. Technically, this former Polynesian fable is retired from broadcast in North America, but Stitch! is still going strong in Japan with new specials in 2015. Disney Asia is a separate entity and I think I love them more than the company under North American leadership.

Little is known about this film other than the fact the title character is in search for a fabled island and she teams with a demigod to get there. What makes this film attractive is its mythic quality and Dwayne Johnson who voices this half-god. He certainly has the voice acting chops to pull off playing the titular Maui, but what’s especially hot is his roots. His maternal grandfather was from Hawaii! Perhaps The Rock is embracing his heritage.

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