The Vintage Tempest’s Top Animated Picks of 2016

1 Jan


Kung Fu Panda 3 (January 29)

There’s more story to tell about Po the hungry Panda. He’s the Dragon Warrior and there has to be an ultimate foe he will have to defeat. Just how his legacy begun is because of an accident. But by what other incident caused him to be adopted? Mr. Ping is a goose and while the television show Legends of Awesomeness offers a few clues, perhaps the third movie will provide answers. In this film, Po finally meets his father, and he travels to a village to rediscover his roots. Although that means seeing more of Po, I’m more concerned about how much screen time the Furious Five will get. Hopefully they are not forgotten. They will be needed to help Po when he faces his latest nemesis.

There’s also wishful thinking that, unlike Penguins of Madagascar the TV Series, the animated television show will continue after this film releases.

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