Ranking 2016’s Comic Book Films by Impact

Trying to translate every hero into a live-action story is dangerous, especially when some heroes just cannot translate well (Aquaman) as a comic book film.

Captain America: Civil War Movie PosterThe past few years have been nothing but a bumper-crop of comic book films. There’s a few one-off’s which are kind of fun, and for the big two, Marvel and DC, just which one will I start to love more? This year will definite it! The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is going to hit a milestone with one of the comicdom’s pivotal moments getting a movie treatment, and the DC cinema realm will finally give rise to the Justice League.

Honestly, I prefer Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s animated unification of the DC universe. Trying to translate every hero into a live-action story is dangerous, especially when some heroes just cannot translate well (Aquaman). So far, DC is lucking out and doing a better job in the television front. The films have been a mixed bag. Marvel is approaching the point of maybe doing too much. One-off’s are fine. I prefer those over any other item, but even I have to admit to see the Infinity War play on a big screen is going to be exciting.

Going from must see to not really caring, herein lies my choices for films:

Captain America: Civil War (May 5)

I really enjoy following this sub-series of the MCU films more than the rest of the others sagas because there is meat to the geo-political wranglings going on. The reason is not because this hero represents the Red, White and Blue. When I have a passion for the pulps, his origin story stood out more and there’s an aspect in the tales that I adore when observing a man out of time.

Yes, I’ll be rooting for the Captain in this installment and I really want to know how Bucky figures into this revised version of the civil war that’s to take place. It will not be necessarily following what was outlined in the comic books even though everyone will be getting to see a new Spider-Man for the first time. For me, it’s to see how this trilogy of films will affect the rest of the MCU in the future. Could that be why the Master of Mysticism is required to turn back time?

Doctor Strange (Nov 4)

Doctor Strange Movie PosterLet’s face it, the MCU never got a chance to explore the occult world. They dodged the idea in the third Iron Man movie and that ticked me off. The Mandarin was not any form of mage, and although the comics explained his ten rings as a product from an alien race of dragons, a strong psychic will is required to operate them — this character had an awe about him, and that never got played up. In what was, it was jokingly turned around.

This film about a doctor (his occupation in the comics) who learns humility and the magical arts is being handled by writer/director Scott Derrickson. In his resume, he proves that he can handle the horror genre well. He worked on a direct-to-video Hellraiser release. I’m looking forward to seeing how he going to interpret the paranormal for Marvel Entertainment, should the tale go down that route. By the hoary hosts of Hogarth, Dormammu awaits!

Author: Ed Sum

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