Ranking 2016’s Comic Book Films by Impact

3 Jan


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 23)

A lot of heroes will soon be packed into one of the hugest battles in cinematic history. Batman is a mere mortal with the latest gadgets at his disposal and Superman is simply immortal. The only way to subdue him is to use Kryptonite. The trailers for this movie never even suggests Batman knows of Kal El’s weakness and whatever the reason, it seems Lex Luthor is a force to be reckoned with. He takes the body of Zod and somehow engineers an adversary that will take more than two heroes to bring down.

When considering Justice League Part One will release a year after this film, that means some weakness must be revealed to take down a creature just as powerful as Supes — or the confrontation will spill into a massive team-up that requires two films to tell. This Zack Snyder product can go any which way and I’ll see it. I just do not know if the ambition to beat Marvel Entertainment at getting the massive team up slug-fest out first is going to be good or not. To face Thanos or Darkseid (with Doomsday as a one-man army wrecking team) is just a scary thought.

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