Shoot ’em Up Again with Espgaluda II!

Espgaluda II offers a tutorial and novice mode for those new to this franchise.

ogo_espgaluda2.pngBack in 2003, Espgaluda was released to arcades and it quickly gained a fan following. This vertical scroller was considered one of the best shoot ‘em ups and was ported to the PlayStation 2 in the same year. Even tougher levels were introduced in the console versions.

This game even saw a port to iOS, which received mixed reviews. Key to these games success is to have real buttons to push than a touch screen. Coming soon is a version to the Nintendo Switch!

Anyone new to this game may think of it as angels versus demi-gods; with boss levels taking its influence from Greco-Roman lore like the Moirai, Siren, Heracles and the brothers who founded Rome (Romulus and Remus). They’re the names of spaceships, and just why they’re battling the world of Shinra is explained as players delve into those tougher levels where the narrative unfolds. From the Shmups Wiki:

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LEGO launches Rebrickable! Ah, to Build Again…

At LEGO’s new website, Rebrickable, owners can learn about what to do with their sets to build something new.


One of LEGO’s lasting appeal is the ability to tear apart bricks from various sets to build something new, or to modify a LEGO Tie-Fighter to look like one of those Clone Wars prototypes or a Next Gen fighter from Dark Empire. Well, maybe. Brick builders are able to do anything they want.

But if they are stuck, there is a new website, Rebrickable, that will tell owners of pre-existing sets what they can do next with their LEGO tank or helicopter. There is a total of 9511 sets in this database and 569 of them are custom My Own Creations that can be combined in numerous ways that can be sure to ignite new imaginations. Up to six different kits can be entered into this search engine to tell users what can be made of those LEGO parts. When the database returns an answer, it will tell the person just what can be made, how many parts are needed and what’s missing to complete it.

Of the sets, most of the kits are from the regular line of LEGO products along with franchise movie tie-in products. To name a few, many Star Wars kits are mentioned alongside Technic, Prince of Persia, Harry Potter. And if builders are willing to blow their Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal apart, more power to them! At least this time, there will be no secret service agents tailing after them since it’s just the toy being torn apart.

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