Tetris. Must All The Bricks Fall Break Down?

Nobody in America knows who truly owns Tetris, and to find out who can license the rights is a lot more difficult than playing the game when the bricks are falling fast!

Tetris (2023) Movie PosterPlaying on Apple Plus

Despite a lot of exaggerated moments about how the Tetris licence is acquired, this historical thriller is very exciting to watch. If only more semi-biographical works were like this, I wouldn’t need to consult the huge book library I have concerning the golden era of video games.

Anyone can go online to learn how this game was invented. It’s nicely summarised in this film, but to dramatise the legal problems to the level that director Jon S. Baird stylises it as requires more than an intimate knowledge of all that went on. Noah Pink wrote a script that chronicles the events leading up to the discovery of a simple but addictive puzzle game. What he adds includes how Henk Rogers (Taron Egerton) is feeling the pressure. He’s a family man who wants to succeed as a business manager. This subplot shows everything he’s willing to sacrifice.

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Watching Kingsman: Golden Circle is Like Riding a Roundabout

KingsmanBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

  • Spoiler Alert

At least a year has passed in the Kingsman cinematic universe, and longer for those anxiously waiting for the next film. The Golden Circle is as over the top gonzo and perhaps bolder in keeping to its roots — a comic book ridden with over the top moments that will make James Bond wheeze. The humour was less evident in this sequel, and watching this film is like riding a merry-go-round.

I did not expect the violence in this film to be nastier than the first and one nagging thought did pop up. Turn away now if you do not want to read a potentially massive spoiler.

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Can You “Sing” Me a Fortune? A Movie Review

Illumination Entertainment’s Sing is their latest animated work and it is so far not making the charts.


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Illumination Entertainment has not had a massive hit outside of the Despicable Me franchise. The Secret Life of Pets (now available on Amazon) was kind of fun, but a lot of the good parts was given away in the trailer. Sing is their latest and it is so far not making the charts. While there’s a lengthy story to bring the lives of five anthropomorphic animals together to win a contest, there was not a lot of plot short of turning this film into the animated equivalent of Glee.

This film is more like a celebration of all those television shows that follow the America’s Got Talent mold, but this time it includes a bit of back story about the lives of the top five talents. Had this film been a television show, more drama could have been added and the lives could have been better explored.

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