Firestarter. Is Anyone Fanning the Flames for Stephen King Horror Anymore?

The remake of Stephen King’s Firestarter is not entirely a dud and has its moments which I liked.

A young girl stares forward with an angered expression, as fire rages behind her.Spoiler Alert

The remake of Stephen King’s Firestarter is not a total dud. It has a few good moments where we see Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) trying to have a normal life in school. But when the kids are provoking her, it’s obvious what’ll next happen will be deadly. They’re only fanning the flames to awaken her pyrokinetic powers. Plus, she’s more likely to fight back instead of continue hiding.

She’ll have to make a hard choice to be a devil in disguise or an angel of vengence. Either way, the choice will result in people being immolated. However, in the grander scheme, this subplot doesn’t matter. Instead, it’s about the prisoners wondering what to do next after escaping the Gulag. Technically, this place is called The Shop, a place to train psychically gifted individuals to do their bidding. It’s easy to build upon this particular plot where gifted individuals (from other films, like Doctor Sleep) are brainwashed to fight for America. Charlie’s parents escaped from here, and whe was a baby when that happened.

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Breaking IT Chapter Two Apart & What’s Next?

Image result for it chapter two posterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Stephen King‘s horror universe is ripe for being turned into a cinematic powerhouse. When the movie IT has a label of ‘Chapter Two,’ it sets up the possibility of new original tales can be told.

Since The Conjuring can do it with its spinoffs, so can IT! James Wan‘s restrictive franchise of angry ghosts / demons terrorizing humans can only go so far as where the Paranormal Activity films went. To deliver all the backstory requires a collective to oversee production of recent releases—namely IT, Pet Semetary and Dark Tower—and having an original story arc to bring it all together for some massive confrontation. The teases offered in how the Native Indians dealt with the occult world has me interested and they can be the saviours. Two of these three films involve them and until Universal gets their monster-verse going, there is a gap to fill.

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