How Does The Angry Birds Franchise Continue to Fly?

Angry Birds is hardly eggcellent even though it’s entertainment value is mildly chuckle-worthy.

angry-birds-posterBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Many species of flightless birds exist around the world, like the penguin and ostrich, and how they have managed to survive extinction is on how they learned to adapt. While others like the Dodo went extinct because they were fearless (more curious about the sailors who happened to hunt them instead of fleeing), sometimes having that bit of fear can go a long way. Either they can attack it head on or run away in terror. This analogy is slightly worked into the story in Angry Birds the Movie but the parable of historical times (like how the Americas was colonised and indigenous civilisation was destroyed) is missed.

This movie is more about finding acceptance amongst community. For Red (Jason Sudeikis), he has issues. They do not just stem from having a short fuse but also in how he behaves. Because he has big brows, he’s considered different and is teased for his unique features. Behind his back, he’s become a mockingbird. After an incident where he’s late at arriving at a birthday party (he’s an entertainer), he’s reprimanded and required to attend anger management therapy. By some miracle known as a plot, the misfits he meets at in this group eventually become his pals. When birds of a feather flock together, the inevitable happens,

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Too Much Rovio? Angry Birds goes Grand Theft Auto?

Eventually there will come to be a time where the Angry Birds will no longer be popular.

AngryBirdsGOThe Angry Birds is to Rovio much like the Mario Brothers are to Nintendo. Without a flagship product, neither company can be widely successful. Nintendo can survive because it has a huge product line which is not limited to Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong. They have many other video games and products to carry this company forward but what about Rovio?

With no surprise, Rovio is copying Nintendo. They are taking these flightless birds and making them mobile with Angry Birds Go! (due out on December 11). Last month had this company release a new iteration of Angry Birds Star Wars II which hardly looked all that exciting.

In what looks like a Mario Cart clone, the next iteration will get these pigs and birds racing. In this case, it’s a downhill racing game and a few unique features will keep this concept fresh. Hasbro’s Telepods toys will allow players to “teleport” new karts into the game. But not everyone will be waving the flag in the end.

Some fans want to see Rovio develop new ideas than to see rehashes of old ideas. They should let the birds take flight and develop a brand new idea.

This company does have other properties that they created games for, but those titles may be one hit wonders. The Croods and Amazing Alex are the only two licensed items featured on Rovio’s website, and there is no sign of any other ideas being offered or listed as in development. To have a company bank on only one property to continue its success is dangerous. Eventually there will come to be a time where the Angry Birds will no longer be popular.

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