Doctor Who Celebrates the Eve of the Daleks

This episode of Doctor Who has all the makings of showing just how dangerous a pair of Daleks are than just one.

Doctor Who New Years Day special title announced – Indie Mac UserJodie Whittaker’s tenure as the Doctor is almost at an end, and with another New Year’s Day Special, Eve of the Daleks instead of Revolution, I have to wonder if this enemy will ever cease to amaze? Nearly every appearance manages to upgrade them somehow, and that’s when I watch Doctor Who.

The previous year’s holiday episode was good, because John Barrowman returned as Captain Jack Harkness. Flux was a season I more or less ignored. If all the seasons of the Doctor Who had to be ranked, I’d have to say this latest is not in any top ten. That season is more about bringing back the classic enemies and giving them a chance to shine one more time.

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Happy Holidays!

From Otakunoculture, we wish you happy holidays! We will be taking a short break and have new stuff to look at in the new year.

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