From Badass to The Other Fellow, Just How James Bond Some People Are Depends on…

After watching The Other Fellow, I think my theory from my review of No Time to Die has merit.

The Other Fellow PosterIn Theatres and On Demand, Feb 17

It’s tough to live up to being THE James Bond than being a James Bond. That’s because anyone who bears that name has the weight of living up to that namesake thrusted upon them. For Matthew Bauer to examine where pop culture crosses over to reality in his documentary, The Other Fellow, is very telling. It has moments where you have to smile, cheer, and wonder.

It’s amazing these individuals have adapted. Most of them want normal lives. But for those who love this celebrity identity, their introspection is surprising. In contrast, for the other James Bond who hates it, the spite is very telling. Not everyone named James Bond wants this status.

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Trading or Playing with Gamestop, The Documentary

Certain old sentiments linger in the documentary GamStop: Rise of the Players, where Jonah Tunis reveals how it led to the shakeup in the company’s stocks.

GamestopSuper LTD:

Release Date:
Jan 28, 2022

Please check local listings for screenings near you. Playing at The Rio in Vancouver, BC beginning Feb 4, 2022

GameStop is a video-game retailer that many consumers thought would close up shop after 30+ years of operation. The resentment exists because of not only over the policies it had with trade-ins versus fair value, but also in its relationship with customers. This introduction is needed to understand why this company is more or less viled. Those sentiments linger in the documentary Gamestop: Rise of the Players.

This examination by Jonah Tunis reveals those old feelings and how it led to the shakeup in the company’s stocks. It’s fascinating to watch. There were investors buying up stock while it was low. This filmmaker entertainingly navigates through all that’s transpired by adding in cartoon style snippets (clips from pop culture) to a businessman’s look at what went on. The scandal made the news, and an investigation was ordered!

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A Look Into Shout! Factory’s Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions

Only the die-hard fans and film studies enthusiast will enjoy the extra content in the bonus disc that comes in this latest home video release of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed.

nightbreed-blu-ray-1The underground world of Midian was very much alive within me many years ago, even before I discovered Clive Barker’s Cabel. I loved the narrative and it spoke to me as there were times I felt misunderstood. Life of an outcast as a nerd was never easy but I adapted. When the film Nightbreed appeared in 1990, I hoped some of the themes explored in the book would get translated over. Instead, what was presented was totally alien. This film was not Barker’s story and I wondered why. My favourite moments were either cut out or never written in.

As a rated R film, I hoped the way Boone connected to Baphomet would be represented but alas ….

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