A Look Into Shout! Factory’s Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions

22 Jan

Lord-of-Illusions-Blu-rayAt least this company’s other release, Lord of Illusions, provides an equal passion in its remastering process to provide fans a definitive version of the film to enjoy. There’s no limited edition and I’m thankful. This extended cut runs about 10 to 15 minutes longer and amongst all the bonus features included, the “A Gathering of Magic” Featurette is quite detailed. Some of the content is repetitive, and that’s okay. This extra gives viewers a great look into how Clive Barker takes input from his production team to realize a realm where cults and magic are dangerously real. Most of the material are taken from old sources and cleaned up for high definition presentation. And I’m fairly sure that it was made a long time ago, perhaps for the laserdisc release. When considering how old Barker or Bakula is now, what’s presented was recorded during their prime.

Now I have to ask if Anchor Bay / Image Entertainment (or whoever owns the video release rights) will allow for Shout! Factory to release the definitive Hellraiser video release. Over the years, the bonus material that’s found in every ‘new’ release are never consistent; some packages mix a lot of the old with a bit of the new. I’d love to see another video rerelease by Scream! Factory so a triage of terror can be offered. Not only will fans approve, but also it should get Clive Barker’s stamp of approval.

When there are rumours about a remake of Hellraiser with Barker involved in the writing process, to see a perfect retrospective is going to be needed!


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