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In Conversation with the New Addams Family Coming Soon!

27 Oct


From The New Addams Family, Gomez (played by Glenn Taranto) and Uncle Fester (Michael Roberds) are coming over to Victoria, BC for Island Fantasy Convention (IFCon) this Halloween weekend! Both cannot be any more thrilled. The actors are just as excited for what’s to come because Roberds expects a lot of laughs as they share some of their behind the scenes stories. “The cast of our show [The New Addams Family] is very lucky in that we quickly became good friends and have all stayed in touch over the years,” said Roberds, the actor behind the mask.

The same rule applies for the original Addameses (Lisa Loring and Felix Silla). Who knows, maybe some strange shenanigans will happen outside of the convention. “When we were filming the New Addams Family, Ellie and Mike kidnapped me for my 40th birthday,” Taranto recalled.

“I have to give Ellie Harvey full credit on that,” said Roberds. “She came up with this idea of saying well we’ll go to Victoria. We told a bunch of the cast and crew what’s up. We took him out for a seafood lunch down in Tsawwassen cause he didn’t know the area. It worked pretty well, we got him all the way to the island before he realized what’s going on. That was a great weekend and we all had fun.”

Roberds even considered moving to this garden city. The only thing that really kept him from doing it is the fact that most of the acting gigs took place in Vancouver. Nowadays, that’s a different story but the issue is being able to commute to where the auditions and locations are. He has a friend living on Bowen Island and it was a pain for him to come over and go back; it was really costly. More details will be coming about his work as a Vancouver-based regular when his interview publishes in a few days.

Both this actor and Taranto have plenty of stories to tell when fans of their series visits this garden city too. There’s plenty of creepy and kooky sites to see in the days leading up to All Hallow’s Eve, and they are going to be the spotlight for this show that is trying to emphasize a Halloween theme. For those people coming over more than a weekend stay, there’s more than a few Victorian styled architecture to get inspired by too when touring the sites after the firework filled day. In the next two days there will be full interviews with the two about their work that looks into and beyond the Addams Family world.

[Victoria, BC] Unofficial Changes to IFCon’s Guest List

27 Oct

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

ifconhalloweenThe news of this shuffling of guests is not official at time of press, but Claudia Christian (TV’s Babylon 5/The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) and Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th and frontman for musical act First Jason) will not be appearing.

Regarding the matter of the convention, the administrator of Claudia Christian’s FB made a post on the morning of October 22nd. In that post the admin states:

We’ve got a bit of bad news for anyone hoping to see Claudia at IFCon Victoria on Halloween weekend. Sometimes conventions find they need to shrink their guest list at the last-minute and unfortunately that means Claudia will NOT be at the con. While we are sure this will be disappointing to those of you looking forward to meeting Claudia at this event, please know this was not her choice.

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It’s Morphin’ Time! Two Power Rangers Scheduled To Appear at IF Con 2015!

18 Aug

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

IFCon2015The list of guests for The Island Fantasy Convention continues to grow and with their latest announcement, I squealed like a nerd.

Our fair city of Victoria, located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, will see in 2015 not one but two Power Rangers! Wether they are here as special guests of the con or they are expecting the Empress Hotel to be smashed by a giant creature is anyone’s guess. I’m just happy they’ll be here — destruction or no.

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IF Con 2015 Announces New Web and Two New Guests

14 Jul

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

IFCon2015Island Fantasy Con is a multifaceted fan convention with the intent to promote such areas as horror, fantasy, steampunk, and cosplay. It is expected to give Vancouver Island’s fandom a much-needed boost by adding to the area’s convention line-up of GottaCon and Tsukino-Con.

Yesterday IF Con announced a newly designed website for friends and fans to navigate: http://ifconvictoria.com/. But it is the recently acquired guests that may get people clicking.

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Horror Actress/Director Jessica Cameron added to IF Con 2015!

12 Jun

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Photo by Kam Gill www.ksgphoto.com. Hair by Natasha Compton Ohio.

Photo by Kam Gill http://www.ksgphoto.com.
Hair by Natasha Compton Ohio.

When it comes to a picturesque seaside city like Victoria, one would think sightseeing is the only activity year round. But for those visitors wanting other activities to do, you don’t have to look too deep to learn there’s more to Victoria than something to stare at.

And one of those is geared towards fandom. Island Fantasy Con (IF Con), is doing its bit to make geek life on the island a little more thrilling. Named after a local comic book store that was popular back in the 80’s, the convention will bring the best of horror, fantasy, and comic book fandom into our area.

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