IF Con 2015 Announces New Web and Two New Guests

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

IFCon2015Island Fantasy Con is a multifaceted fan convention with the intent to promote such areas as horror, fantasy, steampunk, and cosplay. It is expected to give Vancouver Island’s fandom a much-needed boost by adding to the area’s convention line-up of GottaCon and Tsukino-Con.

Yesterday IF Con announced a newly designed website for friends and fans to navigate: http://ifconvictoria.com/. But it is the recently acquired guests that may get people clicking.

Jim O’Rear


O’Rear started his entertainment career as a magician appearing alongside David Copperfield and Harry Blackstone, Jr. before turning his hand to acting, writing, producing, directing and even stuntman.

The bulk of his work has been in the horror genre with credits including movies The Hospital (2013), Vampyre Tales (2005), the Television series Teen Wolf (2011), and the must have documentary DVD for any Halloween decorator Living Dead Live! (2003).

O’Rear is also a journalist and has written for the publications Scary Monsters Magazine, Haunted Attraction Magazine, Comics Interview, and Underground Entertainment.
Dustin Warburton


Warburton is a recognized horror author with published works Taste (2006), Strange Tales (2007), and Hill House Horror (2013). But Warburton also authors books for children, which contain a hint of the scary stuff kids love.

His first children’s book My Brother Eats Spiders (2008) was inspired by his own children. This opened the door to works that were written not just by Warburton (The Little Monster’s Guide on How to Scare Children) but with the greats of sports entertainment. Warburton has authored books with former boxing champions Jesse James Leija (Jesse and the Boogeyman), Kostya Tszyu (Bullies Aren’t Scary), and NBA hall of famer Dennis Rodman (Dennis the Wild Bull).

Being a horror author it was only natural for Warburton to dabble in its film counterpart. Warburton was given story credit on the feature film Spiders (2013) and was a co-writer for the short Black Asylum (2013).

Warbuton is currently working on a children’s underwater adventure book with 1988 Olympic gold medalist and former boxing champion Ray Mercer and a children’s adventure film with co-writer/actor Zach Galligan (Gremlins).

Island fantasy Con 2015 will take place October 31st and November 1st, 2015 at the G. R. Pearkes Arena.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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