Attack on Titan’s Close Shave

TitanShave2By The Wind up Geek

According to these ads, seen recently on a subway train in Tokyo, hair removal isn’t just something for humans, it’s for Titans too. When a titan breaks down your city wall and stomps your friends into the ground, she doesn’t roll her eyes and think “oh really George, why can’t you just take me out for a curry for once”, she has more complex things on her mind. Things like “Why are they screaming? Is it my appearance? Did I not shave close enough this morning? I hope there’s not something in my teeth because that would really be embarrassing.”

But Those thoughts are washed away with what I believe are ads for shavers (if I am wrong, please comment to correct me) of Epiler (for women) and Men’s TBC brands. TBC is a cosmetics company established in Japan in 1976.

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Attack on Titan Cosplayers Will Save Us

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

attackontitanThat’s right, Attack on Titan cosplayers will be our last line of defense should the human race ever be threatened by walking titans with a hunger for human flesh. And here you thought it would be zombies.

Flesh eating gourmets aside, I am amazed at how far fandom has come since I took part in my first RPG session way back in 1987. During those times we were called nerds, geeks and even Satanists. With the exception of the latter word, I’m proud of being who I am. And what I love is anime and its cosplay connection. We are living in such a great time where people can dress-up and just let it all go. We can get away from the stresses of daily life. Conventions, clubs and our friends help us do this.

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