Spin Master Relabels their Mini-Dragons Catalogue


Fans of the mini-dragon line of toys made by Spin Master for the How to Train Your Dragon TV series, simply titled Dragons, is getting a packaging update for 2015. This might be to help consolidate current packaging runs which keeps on updating itself with new figures. This sub-line of products is selling very well and more figures are released nearly every few months.

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How to Transition from TV to Theatres with Dragons! Analysis & Movie Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

1 hiccup

Avid How to Train Your Dragon fans following the animated television series Dragons: Riders / Defenders of Berk will find lots to love in its big-screen sequel to the first film.

This movie takes a few cues from the original film and television series to give a worthy product that exceeds the expectations of what a “next chapter” should entail. Instead of rehashing ideas, this movie continues forward with an all new narrative where Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) wants a better purpose in life. He wishes to expand what he knows of the archipelago frontier while everyone else seems happy at home in Berk. Both its citizens — humans and dragons — are content with living together. The dragons are now living in their forever home.

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Not Pleased with Dreamworks: Dragons move to Netflix

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


An all new broadcast direction will be in store for Hiccup and gang in DreamWorks’ Dragons. New seasons will be “exclusively” broadcast on Netflix when the series returns in Spring 2015. No explanation was given for the change and not everyone subscribes to Netflix. Mixed feelings will no doubt spread when children are tuning in find their dragons are not offered on regular channels anymore. Hopefully the executives at Cartoon Network are smart enough to hold on to what they can broadcast: Series One: Riders of Berk and Series Two: Defenders of Berk.

People who are not interested in buying into the Netflix model will be left waiting for the DVDs (if that’s still going to happen) to release months after the end of season to get their Toothless fix. Just what kind of hold Netflix has with DreamWork’s best franchise is no doubt being kept secret much like in how Drago Bludvist, the villain in the upcoming movie, plots to use the dragons he captures against the free city of Berk. He also aspires to take over the world.

Fans will at least have Cressida Cowell’s original booksir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0316085278 to read and the comic books by Titan Publishing to keep their appetite sated. Toothless will most likely approve.

However, tasteless is the better word for a ‘global’ decision to limit who can continue watching this series. Thankfully, no country is being prevented from subscribing into Netflix.

A Dragon Fan’s Commentary: Finding more than a Human in a Race to Fireworm Island

But the key defining detail in Race to Fireworm Island is in further showing what Snotlout’s relationship is like with his dad, Spitelout.

Hiccup & SnotloutNot since “Thawfest” has there been another episode that looks at the home life of Snotlout Jorgenson, Berk’s most egotistical dragon rider. In “Race to Fireworm Island,” his demeanor is explored. His rivalry and hostility towards Hiccup came to a head in the episode “Defiant One” and there were times where he tried to prove himself to be better than the boy who will one day be king. Snotlout’s candor is less than noble. Quite often, he just wants recognition for his achievements but what he gets is not quite what he’s hoping for.

For the most part, maybe his attitude is simply a show. Interestingly, he does have affection for his dragon companion. When Hookfang shows signs of being worn out, everyone immediately takes notice but him. But when he finally shows that he has a kind heart, perhaps the surprise is in what kind of sacrifices he’s willing to make to keep his comrade alive.

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Spin Master Releases more Dragons, Chibi-Style!

In time, the rest can be found or toy collectors can scour the Internet and pay collector’s price for Spin Master toys latest HTTYD figures.

IMG_0076- smallThe next wave of Spin Master’s Dragons: Defenders of Berk toys are here, and some of them look terrific for any How to Train Your Dragon fan to put on his or her shelf. Just like the original release, the same points of articulation can be found. That’s mostly with the neck joint so the head is poseable and there is limited bendability for the wings and tails.

Three more three-inch figures spotlighting these serpentine creatures are given the cute treatment and they are Thornado, Hookfang, and Belch & Barf. Also included in this new round is a Toothless variant with an appropriately painted on brown leather tail over the mold.

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