Spin Master Releases more Dragons, Chibi-Style!

16 Oct

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

IMG_0076- smallThe next wave of Spin Master’s Dragons: Defenders of Berk toys are here, and some of them look terrific for any How to Train Your Dragon fan to put on his or her shelf. Just like the original release, the same points of articulation can be found. That’s mostly with the neck joint so the head is poseable and there is limited bendability for the wings and tails.

Three more three-inch figures spotlighting these serpentine creatures are given the cute treatment and they are Thornado, Hookfang, and Belch & Barf. Also included in this new round is a Toothless variant with an appropriately painted on brown leather tail over the mold.

Toy modders may want to piece together the remainder of the harness onto this figure, so that this tiny version is film accurate. But for collectors, this toy is most likely going to sit in its original packaging.

IMG_0079- small

When this new dragon gets compared to the original releases of Toothless, Stormfly and Meatlug, this new variant looks smaller. Perhaps it’s just because of his lupine position but the head is definitely tighter, if not, in proportion to the rest of his crouching position.

Hookfang does not have a cousin to compare to but he does seem just as small when the figurine is placed side by side with the rest of the dragons for display. In the series, he is one of the taller dragons.

IMG_0073- smallFor Snotlout’s pet Monsterous Nightmare, this red dragon was cast in the same coloured plastic, with most of the added colours painted on. The detailing on this figure is not as good as the others and that’s noticeable when the detailing around the mouth has been missed. No shading has been done to bring out the details around the nose or lips. The protruding teeth are left red. Hopefully the remainder — Thornado and Belch & Barf — will fare better when they are found.

The staff of the local Toys R’ Us claims to not have received the others, and what is out on display is what they have. When headquarters and warehousing are not in control of what gets packaged in each box, the chances of buying a complete set will vary from location to location because of stock and whatever insider trading / influence that happens. In time, the rest can be found or toy collectors can scour the Internet and pay collector’s price for these figures.

IMG_0067- small

IMG_0064- small

IMG_0077- small

IMG_0074- small

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