What’s Next for Chimera Theatre after Robber’s Bride?

chimera theatre, chimera logoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Kamloops based Chimera Theatre takes part of their shows to many a Fringe Festival. Over the past couple of years, the variety they offer range from dance to folklore to history to myth and the list does not necessarily end there. I may have to consider moving to their home base to see the remaining half of what they produce.

Their latest performance is The Robber Bridegroom. This adaptation of the Brothers Grimm take differs from their last tribute from years ago which blended equal parts live action with puppet theatre. This revision is far darker and the spectacle is told with glorious haunting imagery which defines many a piece of Germanic folklore. Writer Andrew G. Cooper injected a lot of wonderful additions which lives up to this company’s name. To see puppets whose only lines which sounds like Beaker from the Muppets is quite often what I recall from my dreams too.

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[Victoria, BC] The Muses are with Chimera Theatre’s Perseus & Andromeda

CrYHXGqUAAEnomdBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

If only the 2010 remake of the classic 1981 movie Clash of the Titans was told differently, like as an interpretative dance, then I’d be more receptive to the end product! Kamloops’ based Chimera Theatre is an aptly named company to take on retelling the myth of Perseus and Andromeda at the 2016 Victoria Fringe Festival.

To see when they will take this show on the road again, Andrew G. Cooper (who composed the fantastic new age soundscape and did the choreography) advised keeping an eye on this group’s webpage. Next up will be The Disordered Mind by Cooper, playing from September 9th to October 30th, 2016. Tickets will become available through http://www.kamloopslive.ca

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