Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Full Trailer Drop and Analysis.

The Dial of Destiny can either mean the search for Stargate’s Dial Home Device, or just another instrument that can turn back time.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyIndiana Jones is back, and his latest quest concerns a mysterious Dial of Destiny. It’s tough to say if that’s an archaeological relic or some ancient alien tech, but I’m hoping for the former, since the fourth film wasn’t beloved by every fan.

Although the trailer does not hint at much, we see him remembering things from the past and perhaps putting more emphasis about missing those adventures on the high seas. His concern for present events doesn’t seem to matter. As for his future, it’s nice to know he’s there to either be involved in some mess concerning the Apollo 11 landing and the return of those famous astronauts. Perhaps it is about some conspiracy that NASA does not want in the public eye.

But for those who’ve followed the lore concerning the US Government giving (former Nazi) German scientists amnesty after World War II ended, the plot being advertised is no surprise at all. But as for how historically accurate this tale will depend on rocket engineer Wernher von Braun getting involved. Amusingly, he’s an accepted Disney spokesman; He appeared in the 1955 television special Man and the Moon to explain why humanity must reach for the stars. He’s worked at NASA and as for whether he’ll influence Voller (Mads Mikkelsen), also a former Nazi, to do covert things for him, nobody knows for sure. This character might be played by Thomas Kretschmann, the only other German actor listed in the early credit reveal.

Hopefully, this movie will remain true to why I love Indiana Jones. I want a story that concerns the past instead of the future. Although the US Space Program plays a partial role in this narrative, I’m really hoping what it represents is better than what the last film tried to explore when concerning humanity’s future.

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The Dial of Destiny can either mean the search for Stargate’s Dial Home Device, or just another instrument that can turn back time. As a result, Indiana can get a new lease on life. If he even sipped from the Holy Grail or found that Fountain of Youth, it’d explain why he’s that cantankerous old man from the 90s Young Indiana Jones television series.

Not everyone has seen this program to know he was born in 1899! I doubt the comic book appearances are considered canon, so it is tough to say how this film franchise can explain his longevity. The footage suggests some Atlantean style adventure–traditionally, the lore often suggest these people have found a way to prolong life. Alternatively, if there’s a Minoan treasure that needs to be found, it’s a safe bet Indy and his friends have to face dangers somewhere by the Mediterranean Sea. The past films were mostly land adventures and to have a film mostly set in the ocean blue for some lost civilization would make for a welcome change.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny': Harrison Ford cracks the whip in teaser trailer | CNN

There’s not a lot of information offered in the teaser trailer. It begins with him talking about how he misses globetrotting–not being in the field or riding some boat–in search of a new relic. He’s a full-time professor now. And the appearance of him describing a strange ball-shaped contraption is most likely a design of a Greco-Roman submersible than the time machine the Nazis invented before WW2 ended. The Die Glocke is bell-shaped, so it’s doubtful that’s what he’s lecturing about. I’m betting on the former when considering the dialogue matches the visual model.

Although the object he finds and touches doesn’t link to the present day concern, its sextant-like design suggests that the item will point the way to finding something. It won’t be god, as implied in Last Crusade–it concluded with how hope keeps the Jones clan alive. Instead, maybe Dial of Destiny will reveal to him how magic is indeed real, as long as he’s willing to always make that “leap of faith.”

Indiana Jones And The … Wait, What Is 'The Dial of Destiny'? | Vanity Fair

The last 40 seconds are jam-packed with classic Raiders of the Lost Ark moments. Also, there’s even a blink, and you’ll miss it homage in this film’s version of riding the Millennium Falcon. It’s a sentimental joke that works, but when concerning where the riders are headed hints at either heading to the surface of the moon or somewhere under the sea. That cockpit design generally matches the craft depicted when Professor Jones was teaching.

And to outdo Indy facing a swordsman with a gun is certainly inevitable. I’m hoping what’s spoiled in this trailer has something even better to laugh at when the movie hits theatres June 30, 2023.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny First Trailer

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