Is There No Place For Bravery with Glitch Factory Games’ Latest?

In No Place For Bravery, players may well be wanting to turn Thorn into the Mighty Thor, but that won’t come easy.

No Place for BraveryAvailable for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam

No Place For Bravery is a beautiful looking retro-style RPG where its fantasy narrative matters more than the game play. Here, you’re guiding a former Nordic warrior, Thorn, on his quest to find his daughter. She’s been kidnapped, and it’s sometimes tough to notice the clues about where her captors have taken her. Each decision you make can either bring him closer to an unsettling truth or decide to hang up the sword for good.

In this game’s case, it’s about why must our intrepid adventurer cross the road? The little girl means everything to him, and it seems he’ll stop at nothing to bring her back. That also includes killing, and when considering he’s a war veteran, the PTSD will one day come back to haunt him. That’s one reason why this game measures up. The pixel based bloodshed is enough to satsify an Evil Dead fan, but as for what it all means, the dialgoue that opens this story up is haunting.

In that regard, playing this game on a big screen rather than a small one is a must. I found the story very satisfying but the game, not so much. When I wasn’t playing at home, I found Orion’s Upswitch gaming accessory to be very helpful. Although this larger screen attachment lacks touch controls, that’s okay. The controllers you attach onto this device help do the work. I’ll be providing a more detailed review in later days, after trying it on other games which I always wanted to make portable.

In No Place For Bravery, you’re wandering through a battle ravaged world of Dewar. After the last conflict, nobody is doing anything to help the province recover. Not even Thorn’s brothers in arms are always helpful. By now, I should be finished. But instead, I found a few parts challenging and didn’t want to rush getting a review out. One concerns the fact there’s no pause in the barrage of arrows. The second concerns healing salves, where you can buy as many as you want at the save game spots but they are few and far between. Thus, grinding for coins is a challenge in itself.

no place for bravery

I’m wondering where the bow and arrow upgrade is. If there is one, I need to move further to discover it. After dying countless times, I finally decided it’s better to barrel through than stop at every encounter to hack and slash for minor rewards. Even now, I’m nowhere close to finishing. There’s a choice to return to the desolate life, but I’m persistent, as I was hoping to find an area to grind for coins so I can have enough to turn Thorn into The Mighty Thor.

Maybe once that happens, No Place For Bravery can be made easier. But for now, I’ll settle with casual play until I figure out the patterns to avoid enemy fire, and stick to admiring the pixel art over actual game play.

3 Stars out of 5

No Place for Bravery Launch Trailer

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