[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toys Needs Your Help

Cherry Bomb Toys is more than a fixture, but also a heart of the Nerdtoria community with the many shows they put on throughout the year.

Cherry Bomb ToysSay it isn’t so, but another fixture in Victoria, BC’s Nerd Row is required to relocate. Cherry Bomb Toys and The National Toy Museum of Canada can’t stay in the building they called home for 13 years.

According to Candice Woodward, co-owner of the two operations, the new landlords have other plans. It’s tough to say what 1410 Broad Street will become, but since they’re not going to challenge CTV Vancouver Island (formerly known as A Channel before broadcasting giants took over), what that bit of street will become is unlikely going to be media related. All any long time residents of this city can hope for is that the Victoria Event Centre isn’t the next target.

What lays along Broad and Johnson are many shops catering to comic book, gamers, home video enthusiasts, and toy collectors. A few years ago, Yellowjacket Comics had to move because the building needed upgrades. It’s safe to say developers don’t have the interests of geeks in mind and Nerd Row will eventually get demolished. It’s safe to say Legends Comics and Books is next.

In what fans far and wide can do to help Cherry Bomb Toys in its transition is to visit the GoFundMe page and donate. The full story can be found there. Instead of taking out a bank loan, they’re reaching out to former customers, locals and others for assistance. Most people know what dealing with those entities are like, and now it’s time for the kindness they’ve given out to be returned.

To note, the Woodward family have a new location in mind, but to go forward means having more than the prerequisite funds on hand. Who knows, maybe someone with deep pockets might consider becoming a silent investor as news continue to spread in the community. There are a few famous celebrities who once called this city home, and also famous comic book people too.

To note, Cherry Bomb Toys is featured in Toy Stores Near You. Folks from afar can see what this business is about. It’s also freely available to view on YouTube, and is embedded here for all to watch.


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