Neverjam’s Spiderheck is All Out Crazy Fun!

Neverjam’s Spiderheck lets you become a wall-crawler to bash other ones to death! 

SpiderheckAvailable on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Steam beginning Oct 22, 2022

Just how often do players get to play a spider in a video game? It’s like what the Spiderheck! All I remember are those retro games of yore–Black Widow and Spiders. As for the newer products, players are out to squash the eight-legged terrors than be one. Thankfully, Neverjam’s game lets you become a wall-crawler to bash other ones with random sci-fi tech! It’s fast paced and crazy fun.

A bit of ambidextrous skill is required because the left stick moves your digital avatar and the right to swing the baton (or aim). I got the Nintendo Switch version to enjoy. Unfortunately, it took an hour for me to get used to the interface, and I didn’t realise the X button was the shoot button. But, in order to play (even locally), gamers have to be a member of PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or Nintendo Network so those services can sync battles across the ‘net.

During pre-release, searching for live opponents was tough. But when you have pals to share the code with, getting into matches is all the more glorious. Fighting gets much more intense because you’re seeing that a lot of real world physics is involved. That is, to get from one (sometimes revolving) platform to another, means knowing when to jump, and that webline can be cut down. Playing this game is very much like how I have to deal with finding spiders in my man cave. I hate finding them amongst my displays.


What’s presented is a 2D fighter that’s better than Atari’s Joust and running away is not an option! Weapons spawn at different parts of the battlefield, and unlike the other game, you need it to defeat the opponents coming at you. You’re racing to go get a grenade, blaster, or a laser sword and running away once its in hand! Quite often, one hit is enough to smite thee down.

In that regard, the lightsaber is the easiest item to use. But it’ll take more than one swing to defeat the foes. Although I had difficulty attempting to parry laser blasts, I don’t think that’s part of the game.


I can’t wait for Spiderheck to be live, so I can challenge random players. I tried challenging Shawn, but sadly he declined, so it was a search for other opponents to face. It’ll give me time to practice my webslinging skills, because learning how to evade and dodge in this game is very important, than just laying out the hurt.

5 Out of 5

Spiderheck (PlayStation Version) Launch Video

Author: Ed Sum

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