Eolia. Is Part Two of this Rhythm of the Universe The Game Players Been Waiting For?

Eolia debuts on the Quest platform today with support for English voice and text, with text localization for additional languages coming post-launch.

EoliaEolia, is a virtual reality fantasy-adventure follow-up to Ionia (review) as part of the Rhythm of the Universe series. Hopefully the issues that plagued the first game have been corrected so players can save the land from climate crisis. It’s available on the Quest platform.

Developer ROTU Entertainment announced they will donate a portion of the sales of this sequel to a climate-conscious non-profit group, as selected by the ROTU social media community.

Here, you are exploring the world on the back of the mythical horse-like Lhargo as explorer Conga Dholak on a mission to protect his once-thriving planet from an ecological disaster. Extreme weather and drought plague Eolia’s deserts, peppered with the ruins of a lost civilization and on the brink of environmental collapse.

Journey through this time-worn land in search of 25 collectibles and over 300 useful items while solving puzzles rooted in musical theory to bring Eolia back to its former grandeur. With ground-breaking Hand Tracking technology, available only on Meta Quest 2, play ancient instruments, flip through your inventory, and reach for change with intuitive hand gestures. Yes, this version promises a controller free experience!

The fate of Eolia rests in your hands. Here, players can:

  • Conduct a reversal of fortune by solving mysterious rhythmic puzzles to restore Eolia’s ancient splendor.
  • Grip ledges, saddles, instruments, and more with your own hands for an immersive experience.
  • Immerse in a grand journey with the aid of a beautifully scored original soundtrack.
  • Reclaim Eolia while benefitting real-life environmental efforts through the proceeds of the game.
  • Unravel a timeless, urgent story of conservation across four hours of adventure, perfect for longtime gamers, VR newcomers, teachers, and students.

Eolia’s debut on the Quest platform has English and text support. Text localization for additional languages are coming post-launch. If there’s enough demand, it will be ported to other virtual reality platforms.

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