Amit Solanki’s Spiritualarious is Back for Victoria Fringe 2022! One Hilarious Show Left!

Sometimes a good belly laugh is all you need to indicate that you’ve enjoyed Solanki’s show, whether it’s from this year or the last time he was in town.

SpiritualariousAnyone who missed seeing Amit Solanki’s Spiritualarious back in 2017 sees it again at the 2022 Victoria Fringe Festival. It’s very chuckle-licious (if that can be a word). That’s because this comedian who is also a Yoga teacher knows how to bring out a smile. In the original programme, “he’s taking the edge out of yoga and bringing the light on where we lost in the west and now east as well.”

In this year’s guide, this performance is described as “a show looking at the funny side of yoga in western society,” and I can pick up on how he’s refined this act so that audiences can laugh along. This update includes observations about everything that’s happened in his life then. With no surprise, he speaks about the pandemic; He talks about his time in India, where it’s a load worse, and yet he managed to survive through it all–including his parents wanting to see him get hitched.

For stand-up comedians, that’ll never happen. To settle down isn’t an option for Solanki. He’s a mechanical engineer by day and comedian at night. According to his online bio, he tours often and I’m guessing that if he has a wife and children, they’re very supportive of his routine. If anything goes wrong with either his home life or that on the road, I’m guessing. he rolls with it. He knows he has his meditations to re-center himself.

Not only does he share a few techniques to take home but also, he asks how we feel. Not only can it ease anxiety, but also help in other ways. These simple breathing exercises can be found online too.

Another part of his act includes his observations about life. He even examines the other yoga operations that exist around town. In reality, they are merely names, but he treats them like they are different types of exercise. I had to check when I got home, and quantum-based yoga doesn’t really exist. It’d be hilarious to imagine, but not even Ant-Man can deal with bending subatomic particles in a body to mend fences.

Sometimes a good belly laugh is all you need to indicate that you’ve enjoyed Solanki’s show. He’s a keen observer of everything that goes on, and that also includes picking up on what jokes get the best guffaws. It’ll help hone Spiritualarious to be an even better show in the remaining days of Victoria Fringe Festival.

Remaining Shows (Tickets are sold in advance)

  • Sept 3 7:15pm
    LOCATION: VCM Wood Hall (907 Pandora – please use Johnson St., Side entrance)

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