What Cartoon Should Disney Revitalise Next?

Disney is coming close to running out of their own properties to reboot and as for what they’ll revitalise next may be hard to guess.

Disney PlusDisney is close to running out of their own properties to reboot. With Ducktales and Rescue Rangers being in the forefront, what’s left isn’t much. Not everyone is even aware the chipmunk’s ‘continuing’ Park Life adventures is up to season two. This toon has been out for a while, even before the release of the live-action CGI film. And regarding the zinger at the end of the Rescue Rangers film, and all I have to say is, “Yes, please!”

As for Uncle Scrooge and family, it’s possible to see their adventures continue as feature films. Perhaps we can see them embark on adventures where there’ll be more crossovers. As for Cape Suzette; I’d welcome seeing how Kit is handling the family business beyond the one episode featured. The kids have all grown up, and I don’t recall if that episode said where Baloo von Bruinwald and Rebecca Cunningham went.

Aside from Talespin and Goof Troop from Disney Afternoon, there really isn’t too much else. The Wuzzles got a nod, and I doubt that’s going to make a comeback. The latest news about a certain Greek demigod isn’t big. We don’t need Hercules. Its doubtful it’ll be a live-action musical. Plus, the fact Guy Richie is directing isn’t exciting. That adventure has run its course, and as far as I’m concerned, Kevin Sorbo did more to entertain than any other take.

That’s because the Kim Possible live action film in 2019 wasn’t all that well received. Two other projects, namely Robert Zemeckis’ Pinocchio and Rob Marshall’s The Little Mermaid doesn’t sound particularly exciting either. I’d rather watch del Toro’s take instead!

Lightyear PosterAdditionally, there’s still no word about Lilo & Stitch and I’m very weary of this redo. It’s tough to top the original.

Thankfully, the buzz is with Lightyear now in theatres. This movie about the real-life figure that inspired the action figure from Toy Story has a lot of good moments (see review here), but will there be more adventures? That will depend on what Disney has planned for their streaming service rather than for other networks.

Nothing will be known about next year’s plans until D23 Expo in September, and until then, my guess is that something for Darkwing Duck will happen.

From the list of 90s and early 00s cartoons, I think all the popular cartoons have been done. Aladdin and Lion King were remade in 2019 and it’s too soon to consider adding to the live-action slate. After this studio’s hit and miss track record with acquiring Fox’s properties, not even giving life to another cartoon is likely to be part of the agenda.

Gargoyles TV Poster

If producers are to look at what’s left from the 90s with the studio’s Disney Afternoon programming, the only title left is Gargoyles. I wrote about this series in the past (see list below), and lately, have been re-watching. The best arcs to adapt can either be The City of Stone or Hunter’s Moon.

Likewise, I highly doubt the series can pick up from where it last left off, with the Hunters exposing the clan to the world.

As for whether Greg Weisman wants to return to produce, I’m sure he’s game. But he’s very busy these days as one of the executive producers of Young Justice. As for where the Gargoyles franchise went, according to him, it’s been covered in the comic books released by Slave Labor Graphics, and we’d need all new stories.

Hopefully, some plan is in the works for this beloved series. If not, the plate is close to being empty. While this studio’s track record for rejuvenating old series is less than stellar, they better be much more selective if they’re to suvive past 2023.

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