Disney’s Gargoyles are on the Loose!

Fans of Disney’s Gargoyles do not have to go through the Disney Movie Club (DMC) to order the highly desired Season Two Volume Two release.

By Edmund Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Fans of Disney’s Gargoyles do not have to go through the Disney Movie Club (DMC) to order the highly desired Season Two Volume Two release. It was once an exclusive through this mail order catalogue house and the months that followed after my editorial has shown that the Mouse does care. A tip from a reader to say that they have made buying this release easier and further monitoring of where this video collection can be found shows that the stone protectors of the night are indeed loose! This volume can now be ordered through Amazon.

Although I did join DMC, my reason is simply that I am hopeful for some other video releases that may come in the 2014 year. I am a huge fan of all the Donald Duck spinoffs. I do want a complete Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck video collection. Back then, there were a few upcoming video releases that helped make fulfilling DMC’s contract agreement easier. Timing is everything when knowing when is a good time to join or not. When this title can be ordered through this club’s 5 for $1 deal, that was the time to jump onboard.

Upon inspection, the packaging, DVDs and its design are very basic. Goliath, Angels and Brooklyn decorate the main menu so viewers can choose to either play all or just a particular episode. My favourites are “Ill Met by Moonlight,” “The Gathering” (which sees the return of Puck) and “Hunter’s Moon,” the latter two are penned by Michael Reaves. Show creator Greg Weisman certainly had some interesting direction for the later half of the series, and it would pave way to the third season that fans can either love or hate.


At least this volume release finally caps off the second series. The video transfer is just as good as the previous releases. An even distribution of the digital content on a dual layer disc can be found with nine episodes per disc, and there are three. Although I prefer no more than six episodes per disc (approximately 90 minutes worth of content) since I find that more optimal without introducing artifact compression, I cannot be too picky. On a small screen, the image distortion is not even noticeable. On big screens, however, the video noise from up-scaled DVDs is often very prevalent.

No bonus material is added to this volume release, and that’s fine. The best content can be found with the season one set. I have my doubts that third season will see a release, but anything can happen on an anniversary year. Gargoyles will celebrate its 20th Anniversary on October 2014, and I will be crossing my fingers for some kind of announcement or celebration.

It would be awesome if the fan convention, Gathering of the Gargoyles, resurrects itself.

Volume Details:

Disc 1

The Hound of Ulster
Mark of the Panther

Disc 2

Eye of the Storm
The New Olympians
The Green
Cloud Fathers
Ill Met By Moonlight
Future Tense
The Gathering, Part I

Disc 3

The Gathering, Part II
The Reckoning
Hunter’s Moon, Part I
Hunter’s Moon, Part II
Hunter’s Moon, Part III

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