Breaking Down Gojira, Living at the City of the Edge of Battle

31 Jul

Image result for Gojira, City on the Edge of BattleBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

For a brief moment, I thought TOHO animation‘s curiously titled Gojira, City on the Edge of Battle (決戦機動増殖都市) will become a Star Trek episode. Knowing Mecha Gojira would appear, I thought about Hasbro’s Transformers and a city transforming into a figure like Trypticon than Metroplex. Thankfully, this movie is nowhere close to realizing that, but I knew Mecha Gojira was making a comeback. I wondered how?

Part two is on Netflix. While it’s tough to beat a theatrical presentation, as it was presented in Japan, anyone with a 72 inches (or more) television will be in for a treat. The surround sound mix is very good, and it requires more oomph to make the windows of my home to rattle. I bought a 7.2 audio receiver so I can have two subwoofers than one and hoped to test it out with the right movie. This film comes close to tearing down the house.

The story continues from where the last film left off. The fight decimated the forces of the humans, Exif and Bilusaludo (two alien races who promised to help eliminate Big G and failed). Captain Haruo Sakaki survived the slaughter, and a mysterious girl named Miana looks very willing to help. She is a “Houtua”—descendants of humans who remained on Earth. Over the millennia, they developed psionic abilities and have become guardians of a mysterious “egg.” I am betting Mothra will emerge to heal the Earth after this war is over.

However, to destroy the planet for the second time will be tough. The same treatise about how Gojira rose into being reminded viewers that man created him. As for how to kill him boils down to finding his weak spot. The team think his dorsal fin is his weakness, but to separate it is impossible. The nomenclature is discussed. While that made this film very talky, I was thrilled at this inclusion. When this primal creature is part of the Earth itself, how can anyone destroy the world they call home?

Image result for Gojira, City on the Edge of Battle Houtua

The Houtua have answers. I assume a stand-off between three mighty beasts than four will happen. Sadly, Mecha-Godzilla never materialized. As this film explained, it’s become one huge city, an expansion of what it once was. The story sets another Kaiju to appear and I can not be any more happier. To say who he is now is a major spoiler. When considering the larger picture, to feature the same beasts in Toho’s work and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla: King of the Monsters film is a bad idea. Obviously, both studios did not consult each other during pre-production, but a greater variety is needed! At least both films are different tales.

In a science fiction setting, Gojira is wonderfully given the right update in size and scale to make him frightening. He is close to towering Mt. Everest. The animation is nothing revolutionary. The mecha design of the Vulture has me craving to own a model or toy of it. Although this beast is not as mobile as his smaller form, I can at least appreciate the physics behind why he is not as mobile. But how can you move a mountain? Nobody can, unless the carve a hole right through it. Haruo tried. The result? The wait for Gojira: Hoshi wo Kū Mono (GOJ-星を喰う者) to answer all will be revealed November 2018.


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