AMC’s The Force Awakens Poster Promotion Week 3 Image, Analysis & Predictions

Star Wars Force Awakens Official PosterCollecting movie posters, especially the international Star Wars ones, can be fun. Trying to track down all the variants is a challenge and when there’s the space to show them off, any movie enthusiast can tell what another person’s taste is like. Usually that means living in a two-story house to show them all instead of keeping them all shrink-wrapped with thick cardboard sleeves and stored in a bin.

With The Force Awakens, although AMC holds the reign with its weekly release of 13×9 prints, the hope with me is that by the time all four Sunday releases are out, the group will get consolidated and hopefully offered to other chains to distribute too. The artwork by Dan Mumford is fantastic. An image for week 3 has not been officially announced but I found what looks like what will be the next one (scroll down to view). As much as I’d like to have this set, the sellers on eBay are making a killing by selling them well above the ‘free’ giveaway which they are.

I understand the nature of supply and demand, but when the prices are crazy ridiculous to capitalize on the starving needs of poster nerds like me, there’s no frigging way I’m succumbing to those collectors’ prices — especially when the postage overshadows the real cost. Most of them are priced to ship using the best shipment form possible, but is it really needed?

I say no and I will wait until all four pieces are out. Maybe then, I’ll weigh in on whether I need this set or not. Capitalism has its place but I’ll take my chances at the two conventions I’ve been frequenting lately. There’s a poster seller that sells IMAX prints at reasonable prices, and maybe I can get a complete set then if they do not get snatched up right away when the exhibit hall doors open.

At least for digital image collectors, this archive post will show what I’m missing. If the colours are any indication, each represents some aspect of the character and the worlds seen in the film. Orange is a perfect colour for Jakku and introducing the serenity that Rey exudes. Green represents Takodana and Poe Dameron‘s symbolic role to fight for a just cause. Ideally, if the prints were to continue showing the key characters, the next image will have to show Finn — I’m thinking what should get released is either going to be blue or grey and for Kylo Ren, there’s no other colour other than red. Artists will know that series of colours used will have to be complementary and to use an unorthodox colour is a tough call. The four images should form a tetradic formation. Black and white are safe colours. Interestingly, a search on eBay has revealed the third, and this print features Captain Phasma, leader of a group of Stormtroopers in a red duo-toned image. That can be good, but to see it chromatically jarring for fans considering taking them to a professional framer to help get them arranged in a frame for display.

Hopefully obtaining these prints will be easier than trying to nail a complete three poster set that went with the Interstellar movie promotion.

Week One


Week Two


Week Three
IMAX SWTFA Poster 3b


Week Four
TBA Jan 5, 2016 (?)

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