Adding a Li’l Spookiness to Christmas Eve

24 Dec


The Shining

Interestingly, some essays about this film revealed the fact that Stanley Kubrick wanted to reimagine Stephen King’s written work, The Shiningir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0307743659, as a Christmas parable. There’s supposed to be a lesson learned by the Torrance family. As for what that is, people who still have not watched this movie will not get the story spoiled here.

The wintry theme is also at the heart of why this scare works. Are there really ghosts lurking in this hotel’s halls or are there just hallucinations being forced upon Jack as he succumbs to cabin fever? Perhaps the best way to find out is to read both the literary and cinematic work to find the similarities.


Ghostbusters 2

This sequel to the wildly popular first film fits more to the holiday tradition better than the first film for the simple reason that it takes place between Christmas and New Year. When the Ghostbusters have a limited amount of time to save their very first client’s baby from the clutches of Vigo the Carpathian of Moldavia.

The themes are right for the season in how goodwill should be shared, and to see everyone get their funk on with some slime to make everyone happy is not without some amusing charm. This caper is fun to watch with the entire family around the television just to get ready for ringing in the next year.

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