Adding a Li’l Spookiness to Christmas Eve

24 Dec


Charles Dicken’s
Ghost Stories from
The Pickwick Papersir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0140436111

There is a simplicity in the design of Emerald City Animation’s adaptation of Dicken’s very first work. This cartoon paints a very stereotypical Victorian-age London with its foggy nights and desolate atmosphere for the tales it tells — The Ghost in the Wardrobe, The Mail Coach Ghosts, and the Goblin and the Gravedigger. The last of which sees a story about a miserable gravedigger who is shown the errors of his ways because he does not celebrate Christmas.

This collection of creepy tales was regularly broadcasted back in the early 90’s in Commonwealth countries and although the animation is very dated, the narrative stands the test of time. Sadly, this video is no longer available for purchase.

The last time it was packaged for retail purchase as a DVD, it was retitled Animated Classics: Ghost Stories for the UK market. Sadly this release is no longer in print. Thankfully, this wonderful throwback to a bygone style of animation can be found on YouTube.


Nightmare Before Christmas

No list can be considered complete without mention of Tim Burton’s fond classic of a Pumpkin King. Jack Skellington rules the land of Halloween and when he witnesses the joy of Christmas, he thought he could transform the holiday into something else. Sadly, in his misguided attempts, terror rages across the mortal realm and to save the holiday, both he and Santa have to work together.

This movie is a joy to watch for either Halloween or Christmas. Burton created a fond classic that is a delight to all ages, and it really entertains with its musical numbers, especially with “What’s this?”

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