One Tech Geek’s Dream for Christmas Day

22 Dec


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

If there’s another nerdy wish list for Santa to look at, I can only hope that maybe one item from this list will be under my tree.

In this case, maybe a few items will finally get a proper release date because they are still stuck in their development cycle. Just maybe, one day, I will find a TARDIS waiting for me to take me on a whirlwind trip around the world. Who doesn’t want to time travel just to witness how the Egyptian pyramids were truly built? And besides, with the first item on my list, I can take home some souvenirs!


Backpack of Holding

If this item sounds like the Dungeons and Dragons item of a similar design, the bag of holding, where it can keep items larger than its own size, then I can keep my entire video collection in here. Realistically, I’m often in need for more pockets to separate out my tech — camera, mini-tripods, cables, pens, notepads — and that spare lunch notwithstanding. Sometimes, it’s just a case of keeping a separate pouch for all those batteries and memory cards too. Maybe keeping a book on hand while waiting in line in all those conventions for those panels can come in handy too.

Seriously, when I’ve often avoided the use of a locker when I attend school (post-secondary or otherwise), I’m sure this real-life Backpack of Holding (available through ThinkGeek) will be perfect. I’ve often hated bouncing back and forth between buildings to where my locker is located in a race to get to the next class in time!


Hendo Hoverboard

No true Back to the Future II fan can live without a hoverboard since the technology is nearly here! Ever since Robert Zemeckis convincingly said that they are coming in a promotional TV spot about the second film back in the day, I wondered if he was joking or not. I recall the phone ringing off the hook with all my buddies screaming, “Great Scott, is what he’s saying for real?”

But I’m sure the idea for a real working board was seeded back then and for the engineering wizards, they were waiting for the right technology to come to light so this board can be developed. I’ve always known it would take powerful magnets than just rapid bursts of air to enable hovering on air, but has early 21st century technology reached that level of sophistication to make levitation possible on any surface?


Call of Cthulhu
7th Edition
Role Playing Game

Although this new rules for Chaosium’s flagship product is just slightly more than a year late from their projected date of release (where’s Pulp Cthulhu?), the excitement for how this company is going to combine all the errata since 5th edition and revise the rules is insanity inducing. Technically the PDFs are out, but they are far from perfect, and I’m anxiously waiting for the printed version to flip through. Electronic editions are okay, but they do not offer the same luxury of flipping back and forth through different pages in search for some statistic or rule easily.

Some RPG enthusiasts may well be hoping for a Christmas miracle just to see this hardcopy come to life. Um, maybe that’s a bad idea.


Little Shop of Horrors
20th Anniversary

Fans of horror musicals will no doubt name this show second best next to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s difficult to unseat Dr. Frank-N-Furter from his throne as the queen of horror musicals, and I can only see Audrey II as a worthy successor!

This out of print CD really needs to be reprinted because of the bonus selection of songs that’s offered: “Bad” (a demo version which ultimately was used in the movie) and the French editions of “Suddenly Seymour” and “Skid Row” shows just how loved this series is to succeed in cinema too.

The holidays can be filled with rock and roll fever if I can ever find this ultra-rare item.

Tron Sunglasses Oakley

TRON Sunglasses

I’m a die-hard TRON fan with more than a few electric dreams. Unlike TRONTRON: Legacy where the hero ends up with a virtual girl popping out of a video game as a prize, my desire is not with what can emerge out of the franchise, but with what inspired fashion wear I can find.


Although the film has come and gone, leaving barely a blip in inspired wear that can stand the test of time, I find that not all the costumes are all that geeky. I’d love to wear the leather jacket that Sam Flynn wore in the real world than the skin tights featured in the digital realm.

For that matter, I’m still looking around for the flight suit The Rocketeer wore in the comic books / Disney’s film. However, getting back to the movie I adored from my youth, I can see myself wearing an inspired glowing hoodie by ElectricMVMT or Electric Styles. I’m reminded of the guards from the original movie where you can barely see their face. The best part of this practical piece of clothing is that for those long wintry nights, I won’t be a sitting target. I can look like an eerie phantom. Other colours include red, green and pink for the Pac-Man gamer enthusiast to choose from.


Logitech Harmony Ultimate One
IR Remote

When considering I maintain two media rooms, one for the large screen TV and another for casual watch, along with several video players and recording units (PS3 included),  I can easily misplace remote controls. Even worse, when I don’t throw away old tech, namely a laserdisc player and I suddenly get bequeathed a ton of laserdiscs, just where did that darn remote go?

In all my research and conversations with folks with the same problem I have, this particular Logitech remote is the one to own. Not only can I program and customize the look with various devices, but also I can reverse time with it! Well, I can dream, can’t I?


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