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10 Best Geeky Movies Coming in 2023

2 Jan

Top Ten Geeky Movies Coming In 2023 To Be Excited ForThe New Year is here, and the only thing some Hollywood studios may fear is in how well their slate of films will perform. Out of what’s coming (with a few pushed back to this itme), I have my list of the best geeky movies coming in 2023 that I can’t wait to see.

As for the drama that occured in the closing months, namely Warner Brothers rebooting their DC Cinematic Universe with James Gunn at the helm, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s is not as happy. What he was cooking up was a hope that he would lead the future, but alas, that was not meant to be. This wrestler turned actor really wanted his movie, Black Adam, to lead to a slate of work where he’s the focus, but alas, that’s not meant to happen. Much like the antihero of lore, he now just wants to be left alone and brooding.

I won’t go into all that went on with the Marvel Cinematic front. There’s lots of coverage which simply said Phase Four wasn’t the best and going forward, we should have a better direction. Elsewhere, the film scene is doing just great and as for what to enjoy in the pop culture front, I have boiled down the former top twenty list to a definitive top ten of must watch.

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20 Highly Anticipated Movies of 2023, Early Edition (Part Three)

27 Sep

Highly Anticipated Movies of 2023Usually, this slate doesn’t appear until the start of the New Year, but I’m making an exception since a few films that were originally slated for 2021 or 2022 got pushed back. One can blame the pandemic and recent legal issues with certain talents for causing this list of highly anticipated movies of 2023 to constantly change. Some movie projects simply had bad luck in terms of finding a date that works in a competing world as people are ready to head back to the theatre than let a pesky pandemic dictate what they can do.

This list is certain to be added upon as more international releases are made known, and then pared to a top ten for my annual list at the start of the new year. There are other films to consider, but Moujin: The Secret Coffin, Coyote vs Acme, and The Last Voyage of the Demeter aren’t dated.

Also, my list further expands upon the material I presented from my panel from last weekend, during Capital City Comic Con‘s Autumn Fall Show.

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The Vintage Tempest’s Picks on What to See at Fantasia Fest 2021

24 Jul
Fantasia Festival | 2020 Artwork

Fantasia Fest 2021 is now half-and-half, offering in-person and online screenings! People living in Canada have the option to either travel to the East Coast for this genre film celebration or stay at home. The pandemic is still lingering around, and we don’t need real life zombies roaming the streets of Montreal.

Please be aware there’s limited seating options for the in-person events, especially James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (also opening theatrically at the same time). These are bound to sell out fast as sales opened yesterday. Online, most screenings are on demand, with a select group scheduled to broadcast at a select time. These details will be noted as needed.

In this two-part article are my top picks on what to see. There’s a lot to explore, as this festival is very diverse and month-long! I’m including seminars since this year will be honouring Phil Tippitt with a Lifetime Achievement Award (event ticket here). There’ll also be a masterclass with the master too, exploring the deeper roots of his art. His panel and film screening tops my list of must attend. The bonus is that the online discussion is free to view!

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