Star Light, Star Bright. What’s Hiding in the Ghost Lights Tonight?

We may well have the perfect found footage movie in The Ghost Lights.

ghost lightsArriving on Digital August 26
Terror Films Channel Sept 2 and Kings of Horror Sep 9.

I can’t help but wonder if writer/director Timothy Stevens knew about The Brown Mountain lights of North Carolina when he wrote the screenplay to The Ghost Lights? The idea to explain where they come from is great, but that’s not where this movie goes. Instead, his film takes viewers in for a different ride.

The flashbacks which make up the bulk of this film hint at something sinister about those lights. Cinematically, I particularly liked the shift to a black and white presentation. It gives the narrative a bit of noir.

The tale presented here goes beyond the smuggling of Mexicans across the United States border. The illegal alien agenda may suggest something else about these ghost lights. They could be a wormhole instead of just a signal flare. I’m merely guessing, but to wonder where Aurthur (John Francis McCullagh) went, and the people referenced in the interviews he’s conducted, is the mystery his daughter Alex (Katreeva Phillips) has to investigate. 

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