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Spider-Mable is Web Slinging to VOD April 27th!

15 Apr

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Coming to iTunes, Bell, Shaw, Telus and Vimeo beginning April 27th, 2021 in Canada.

Organizations like the Make-a-Wish and The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada always wants to help children stay positive amidst any crisis. Sometimes they are fighting for their own health like Bat-Kid from 2013 and they make the news because they have a desire to do more than just fight crime for a day. There’s even a documentary made about him by Warner Bros. Pictures, the parent company to DC Comics.

Not every story gets told. Across the country, the most recent hero is 10-year-old Orlando, Florida resident Gaige Pike who is ROBOgaige. In Chicago, Christian Clark’s alter-ego is SuperBlack. who fought villains alongside Batman. Even tweens can dream; before Bat-Kid came along in San Francisco, the Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest knew Erik Martin as Electron Boy, who helped Spider-Man fight crime. There’s no doubt more, and they all make the local media reports to show the encouraging power of the human spirit is everywhere. 

In Canada, Mable Tooke is a cancer-fighter and a selfless 6-year-old patient whose desire to help others even while she is in the battle of her life proves even more children can be heroes for a day. It’s less about who the person wishes to become, be it a well known comic book hero or something invented, but more about what they represent. Each Make-a-Wish hero inspires others to stay strong as treatment of their ailment is ongoing. To know this young girl’s journey means following her struggles in the documentary SpiderMable, which won the Best Canadian Film title and the “Best of the Fest” Audience Award at the NorthwestFest International Documentary Festival in 2020 and more recently, the Edmonton Film Prize.

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[San Francisco, CA] A Hero & Transformation for a Day: Bat-Kid vs Leukemia

4 Nov

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

caped crusader gets a Bat-Kid

Just how often can anyone get to be a superhero? There are plenty of regular heroes working everyday to keep a city safe from crime and crisis. There are even all those television reality shows that showcases people with extraordinary abilities, but perhaps the real troopers are those who are fighting a daily battle with certain diseases that are still tough to defeat. To see them stay positive throughout the ordeal is what makes them the Über-hero: 5-year old Miles Scott is fighting leukemia and his wish is to become Bat-Kid with all the perks associated with it.

With the help of the Make-a-Wish Foundation: San Francisco Chapter and the guidance of Batman, Miles will get to hang out with his hero and learn how to fight crime. And on November 15th, the City of San Francisco is going to transform into Gotham. This new dynamic duo will save a damsel-in-distress and prevent a super criminal from executing a heinous crime. A nefarious criminal has plans on stealing Lou Seal, the baseball mascot of the San Francisco Giants.

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