[San Francisco, CA] Bat-Kid Wins the Fight & Recap on Vimeo

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Huzzahs and hurrahs was no doubt heard throughout San Francisco and on the Internet when young Miles Scott heard the pleas from Chief of Police Greg Suhr and went out to save the day! Everyone was with him at every step of the way, and a lot of people world-wide were no doubt watching. As it turns out, the Penguin and Riddler got involved, and Bat-Kid (Miles) did more than his civic duty to prevent crime from spreading across Gotham …

And good news are indeed on top of this week as various reports have come in to tell the world that young Scott is on the path of recovery. Over at Otaku no Culture, we wish him nothing but the best! Good times and bright times are in store for you, Caped Crusader!

A video summary of all the events that transpired last Friday can be found on Vimeo and SFGate. The following is a Youtube post by News 24H.


[San Francisco, CA] A Hero & Transformation for a Day: Bat-Kid vs Leukemia

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

caped crusader gets a Bat-Kid

Just how often can anyone get to be a superhero? There are plenty of regular heroes working everyday to keep a city safe from crime and crisis. There are even all those television reality shows that showcases people with extraordinary abilities, but perhaps the real troopers are those who are fighting a daily battle with certain diseases that are still tough to defeat. To see them stay positive throughout the ordeal is what makes them the Über-hero: 5-year old Miles Scott is fighting leukemia and his wish is to become Bat-Kid with all the perks associated with it.

With the help of the Make-a-Wish Foundation: San Francisco Chapter and the guidance of Batman, Miles will get to hang out with his hero and learn how to fight crime. And on November 15th, the City of San Francisco is going to transform into Gotham. This new dynamic duo will save a damsel-in-distress and prevent a super criminal from executing a heinous crime. A nefarious criminal has plans on stealing Lou Seal, the baseball mascot of the San Francisco Giants.

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