Decarnation. After Watching This Scary Video Game Trailer, All That’s Left is….

Decarnation also takes inspiration from cult hits like Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

Decarnation Video Game CardComing to Steam (PC) and Nintendo Switch May 2023.

The terror is real in Decarnation, a video game from developer Atelier QDB and publisher Shiro Unlimited. This horror adventure blends a bit of that old school pixel style animation to a modern tale of horror, where each choice only furthers an exploration into Gloria’s psyche. What this entertainer must face can easily change her perceptions of the real world, or cause her to sink into further insanity.

“Decarnation’s grave story, lovecraftian world, and evocative messages are about to unfold,” teased Quentin De Beukelaer, founder of Atelier QDB. “[Here, you have to] get ready to explore levels that blur the ever-thinning lines between fantasy and reality, and experience the truth of humanity when facing some of the darkest creatures and circumstances imaginable!”

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Dune Fans Happy with Shiro Unlimited’s Gamescom 2023 Announcements

The best announcements from Shiro Unlimited’s Gamescom 2023 include:

Shiro Unlimited (@ShiroUnlimited) / TwitterOut of all the news announced during Gamescom 2023 earlier this week, the news from Shiro Unlimited caught our interest, and yes, it specifically has to do with Dune. This event took place in Cologne, Germany, August 23 to 27th, and it’s Europe’s leading trade fair for digital games culture.

This publisher and developer entered this trade show with reveals for Wartales and Northgard, as well as a release window for Dune: Spice Wars’ latest update.

But there are other titles too. They include:

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