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Brinke Stevens is still a Scream Queen and More! An Interview

17 Oct


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Brinke Stevens is certainly one classy Dame. In the movie world, she’d be one to kill for; as one of the few Scream Queens from the years of my youth (and is still working today) she’s certainly shown that she has the chops to last in an industry that typically favours youthful fervour. As each decade tends to introduce new talent and types of horror for fans to get fast and furiously rabid about, I’m not always going to fawn over what’s the latest. I’d rather stick to what was impressed upon me at an early age. When video movie rentals became widely accessible, that’s when Stevens work caught my eye. Perhaps moreso in magazine spreads than anything else, but I was like every other horror enthusiast at that time, consuming everything I could find.

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