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[Victoria, BC] One Otaku’s Picks for the Halloween Season … or is that Two?

22 Sep

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Some of us writers here at Otaku no Culture are trying to decide on what Victoria, British Columbia events are the best to hit as October is the season for festive frights.

Ed knew to purchase tickets early for some events because they tend to sell out fast, Shawn is living in Trail, BC which should speak for itself and James is likely going to pine away, lamenting why-oh-why, bemoaning his life like a ghost. Yes, he’s feeling miserable because he is not able to get out as much. There’s nothing this guy can do to save himself because he is holding two jobs and helping his mother out, who is currently healing following an operation. He’s a hero for the most part.

In the Celtic tradition, the Harvest Moon is a time to make merry. On October 5th, we will hail the season for everything it offers. Bring on the rain (or snow in other parts of the country)!

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[Victoria, BC] The Rocky Mountain Express Returns to the IMAX at the Royal BC Museum

26 Jul

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Throughout the years, IMAX filmmaker Stephen Low has made many a documentary about some of the world’s amazing vehicles. From planes and trains to automobiles, he has finally covered them all. His most recent work, Rocky Mountain Express, is making a return to Victoria, B.C’s National Geographic IMAX theatre August 1st, and it will certainly be a crowd pleaser.

This movie looks at the Empress (CPR 2816), the little train that could. It carried more than just supplies and people cross-country. It also symbolized hope, and it really carried the dreams of many to unite a nation. Since BC was the last to join the Confederation, without the initial train line to connect the two sides of the country together, this nation might have taken on a different shape.

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[Victoria, BC] The Royal BC Museum’s IMAX Theatre Grows and Schedule Offerings

5 Jun

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Perhaps the only true IMAX movie theatre is located at the Royal British Columbia Museum at the Inner Harbour. Cineplex Odeon’s Westshore location is second best with its UltraAVX offerings but not a lot of moviegoers from downtown Victoria will want to make the commute out there and back for movies projected in true surround sound or played back at 48 frames per second. But when considering the upgrades done at the museum’s own theatre, perhaps the competition has begun.
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