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EarthWorks Games’ Forts Takes to the High Seas in this latest DLC

25 Mar

Forts - High Seas on SteamNow available on Steam (PC)

EarthWork Games’ Forts is a video game that encourages players to build structures on the fly to not only protect the base but also prevent resources from being destroyed. It’s gained enough accolades since 2017 to discuss the finer points of strategy and construction on Discord. To refresh the game, this company’s downloadable content has taken the battle to NEARLY everywhere, including the moon!

The High Seas DLC is the latest, and it introduces an all new story and crazy dynamic to make combat tough. Max Capacitor is a captain in the United Navies in search of his father (a scientist) who made a mega-weapon. Whoever finds him first holds the fate of the entire world in his hands. This idea needs a graphic novel to fill in the character development, and until that happens, the cut scenes shouldn’t be skipped.

Players have to deal with buoyancy physics. Like the original, you can’t stack haphazardly without causing the building to collapse. In this latest, you can’t weigh down your own ship.

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